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I’m a big fan of the Stargate franchise. While I’ve never dressed up as a character or attended a Stargate convention, I’ve enjoyed every version of the franchise that has been on television and the big screen. Stargate has allowed me to meet new friends and discover new depths of relationships with others, and I believe should be as lasting and as significant a part of our culture as Star Trek used to be and Doctor Who is for England.

Now, with Stargate off the air, I am taking the time to rewatch every single episode of Stargate that has ever been produced, and write down some of my thoughts and feelings about the episode. Not all episodes will have a lot written about them, while some may have hundreds of words devoted to them. Hopefully some fun insights can be gleamed from my thoughts and observations.

Below you will find a list of all Stargate movies and episodes I have written about, separated by seasons and series.

Stargate SG-1 – Season Two

The Serpent’s Lair (episode 1) and In the Line of Duty (episode 2)

Prisoners (episode 3) and The Gamekeeper (episode 4)

Need (episode 5) and Thor’s Chariot (episode 6)

Message in a Bottle (episode 7) and Family (episode 8)

Stargate SG-1 – Season One

Children of the Gods (episodes 1 and 2)

The Enemy Within (episode 3) and Emancipation (episode 4)

The Broca Divide (episode 5) and The First Commandment (episode 6)

Brief Candle (episode 7) and Cold Lazarus (episode 8)

Thor’s Hammer (episode 9) and The Torment of Tantalus (episode 10)

Bloodlines (episode 11) and Fire And Water (episode 12)

The Nox (episode 13) and Hathor (episode 14)

Cor-Ai (episode 15) and Singularity (episode 16)

Enigma (episode 17) and Tin Man (episode 18)

Solitudes (episode 19) and There But for the Grace of God (episode 20)

Politics (episode 21) and Within the Serpent’s Grasp (episode 22)

Stargate the Movie

Stargate The Movie

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