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Stargate SG-1: Message in a Bottle and Family

Stargate SG-1 Message in a Bottle

Stargate SG-1 Message in a Bottle

Stargate SG-1 – Season Two – Episode 7 – Message in a Bottle

Contrary to popular opinion, the phase ‘message in a bottle’ has existed before The Police…


SG-1 brings back to Earth what they theorize is a time capsule left behind by an ancient civilization that experienced some catastrophe that left their world a lifeless, atmosphere-less ruin. But while inspecting the device (a spherical globe), the device suddenly starts emitting radiation and springs little spikes from it. Deciding to throw it through the Stargate back to the planet of origin, Teal’c and O’Neill carry it to the Gate room, when all of a sudden the spikes shoot outward, pinning the device to the ground, and embedding a spike through Jack’s shoulder and into the concrete wall. Teal’c attempts to destroy the device with his staff weapon, but the energy is absorbed by the device and sent into O’Neill, causing considerable pain!

While Doctor Fraiser tries to help Jack deal with the pain, Sam and Daniel work to decipher the engravings on the device which they have scanned into the computer. While working, they discover that the device is sensitive to UV light, allowing them to essentially see the radiation flowing from the device into the base and Jack. Suddenly, a symbol flashes on the base computers, one of the symbols on the device. Theorizing, they decide to feed the device more energy, no matter how much pain it causes Jack, so Teal’c begins to fire on it again with his staff weapon. Jack passes out from the pain, then abruptly wakes up.

An alien intellience has taken over Jack’s mind. The alien says it has no desire to harm anyone, but won’t allow itself to be returned to the world it came from, since it doesn’t want to die from lack of resources as well. Daniel suggests another world that SG-1 had visited, a primordial world full of plants and radiation and energy, but with no humans. The device agrees to let itself be taken there throught the Stargate, and frees Jack.


Not bad. Very much a bottle type show with no new guest stars to speak of, just a prop and brief alien planet visit. Ultimately a forgettable episode, but enjoyable.

Stargate SG-1 Family

Stargate SG-1 Family

Stargate SG-1 – Season Two – Episode 8 – Family

The return of Teal’c’s family!


Bra’tac comes throught the Stargate to tell SG-1 that Teal’c son has been kidnapped by Apophis. Apophis has mentally programmed Rya’c to hate Teal’c and his mother. Teal’c must rescue Rya’c from Apophis.

Things aren’t just that bad, however. Turns out Teal’c’s wife has left him for Teal’c’s best friend; she has remarried. Needless to say Teal’c is pissed, but swears not to act out on his anger. Teal’c and SG-1 break into Apophis’ stronghold and get to Rya’c, but Rya’c resists and summons the guards, forcing SG-1 to leave without him. Back at camp, Teal’c and his former wife attempt to reconcile, and share a kiss…which is witnessed by Teal’c’s friend, who immediately betrays the group to Apophis’ guards…but is stopped by Jack O’Neill who followed him. O’Neill finds out when Rya’c is scheduled to be moved by his Jaffa guards, and SG-1 ambushes them, and Rya’c says he was waiting for his time to escape. SG-1 returns through the Stargate, but Jack is not convinced Rya’c isn’t faking…

Rya’c is submitted to medical examinating when they return, and Bra’tac finds it odd that Rya’c isn’t missing the two teeth he lost while training under him a few months ago. Fraiser then tricks Rya’c and sedates him, and discovers that the two fake teeth carry a disease that would have killed them all in moments. When Rya’c wakes up, he pretends to be sweet to his mother, but then lashes out at her when she won’t let him go see the surface of Earth, and proceeds to chomp down on where his fake teeth would have been. He then starts cursing and throwing punches and has to be restrained.

Fraiser determines that shock therapy may bring Rya’c out of his programming, and Teal’c is forced to use a Zat on his son. But it works, and Rya’c is back to normal, and him and his mother go through the Stargate to a brand new world.


Good call backs to previous episodes in this one. Not only do we have Teal’c family, but mentions to Cassandra and the Land of Light are made as well. This also fits into the overall storyarc with the Goa’uld becoming smarter and using even scarier tactics against the SGC.

Fro’tak: I am Fro’tak of the High Cliffs.
O’Neill: Jack…of the Windy City.

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