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Stargate SG-1: Need and Thor’s Chariot

Stargate SG-1 Need

Stargate SG-1 Need

Stargate SG-1 – Season Two – Episode 5 – Need

Another typical storyline, but done in Stargate fashion.


While searching for the rare but powerful metal known as Naquadah, SG-1 comes to a planet that has a huge Naquadah mining operations going on. All the workers are guarded by Jaffa…or are they? While observing the miners, Daniel notices a young woman about to throw herself off a cliff in a suicide attempt; Daniel stops her. Yet after saving her life, Jaffa guards turn up and arrest Daniel and the rest of SG-1. SG-1 is brought before the local ruler; turns out that the planet’s king defeated the reigning Goa’uld, and in an effort to keep the Goa’uld from returning, they have been continuously sending Naquadah through the Stargate. Fearing what SG-1’s arrival might mean, and believing that they mean his daughter (the young woman who nearly killed herself) harm, the elderly king throws them into the mines.

While in the mines, SG-1 attempts a daring breakout…which fails utterly, causing Daniel to receive a near fatal shot from a Jaffa staff weapon. The young princess uses a sarcophagus left behind by the Goa’uld to heal Daniel. Turns out she has a pretty huge crush on him, believing him to be her destiny. She convinces him to use the sarcophagus while healthy…and use it multiple times. It cures his allergies and corrects his eyesight, but at a huge cost: he basically loses his soul and becomes this moral less person. Meanwhile, SG-1 is nearly dying from the heavy labor and work conditions in the mine. Daniel manages to convince the princess he will marry her, but first he must go back to Earth along with SG-1 and set his affairs in order.

While on Earth, SG-1 notices Daniel becoming increasingly agitated, and then eventually collapses in a state of shock. Turns out he’s suffering massive withdrawal symptoms, so Doctor Fraiser locks him up to detox him. Daniel eventually escapes, and Jack corners him in a darkened supply room. The two wrestle, and Daniel in his madness gets ahold of Jack’s service gun and nearly shoots himself in the head. Luckily, Jack understands the withdrawal he’s going through, and talks him through it, comforts him.

SG-1 returns to the planet and while Daniel can no longer marry the young princess (who is now Queen, as the sarcophagus can’t help her hundreds of years old father sustain his life anymore), SG-1 does promise to provide support and protection from any future Goa’uld attacks in exchange for some trade…and for the Queen to destroy the sarcophagus.


Drug withdrawal is a powerful thing. Sadly, this episode is rarely mentioned again. Daniel gets over his sarcophagus fix pretty well…probably uses it again sometime in the future, as he seems to die quite often.

O’Neill: We had a nice time, Sir. Carter picked up some naquadah, Teal’c made some new friends, as usual. Daniel got engaged and um… I’m gonna hit the showers.

Ok, moving on…

Stargate SG-1 Thor's Chariot

Stargate SG-1 Thor's Chariot

Stargate SG-1 – Season Two – Episode 6 – Thor’s Chariot

And here’s where things get awesome…


Stargate Command receives an urgent message from the woman who helped SG-1 on the planet where they destroyed Thor’s Hammer…a message, rather, that is the same box of knowledge they left behind for Thor and any other aliens who would stop by. They identify it by the unique radiation signal it left as it smashed into the Stargate iris protecting SGC. So they send a MALP through the Stargate, find the woman pleading for them to come back as the Goa’uld have discovered that Thor’s Hammer no longer protects the planet. Guess we screwed this up, guess we gotta fix this.

On the planet, SG-1 meets up with Gairwyn. She alludes to a potential weapon left behind by Thor in the “Hall of Thor’s Might”, so she and Daniel and Sam Carter go off to find it, while Teal’c and O’Neill begin playing a deadly game of hit and run with the Jaffa forces, trying to keep them away from the surviving humans. At the Hall, Daniel and Sam are subjected to a series of tests to prove themselves worthy of Thor’s Might…or so the hologram of Thor tells them. The first task is to walk along a narrow beam over a great drop to a Hammer statue. Sam makes it across, but Gairwyn panics and nearly falls, making Daniel come across to try to help her and both ending up falling off the beam together…and it turns out it was all an allusion. Thor compliments them on their nobility and sacrifice, and beams them to the next test. The next test requires them to identify a universal constant…in this case, pi. Once identified, Thor whisks them away again.

And now Sam and Daniel and Gairwyn meet Thor face to face…and Thor is not in fact a human, but a small, gray, Roswell alien. He’s a commander in an ancient race known as the Asgard, and the Hall of Thor’s Might was for the planet’s inhabitants to discover when they had sufficiently matured and grown up. Daniel pleads with Thor to return to the planet, explaining that the Goa’uld are there because the Hammer was destroyed. Thor is taken aback, and disappears abruptly. Gairwyn is beamed away, while Daniel and Sam are beamed outside of the Hall. Meeting up with Jack and Teal’c, SG-1 defends the people, but is overpowered and forced to surrender. Marched back to the Stargate, suddenly a vast alien spaceship descends from the sky and starts either disintegrating or transporting all the Jaffas, Goa’ulds, and Goa’uld ships away. It’s Thor’s Chariot! The Asgard ship sends down Gairwyn, who tells them that both her people and Earth’s aren’t quite ready for regular relations with the Asgard, but leaves them with an important message:

“They are friends to all. Protector of all. All except the Goa’uld with whom they are at war. Thor’s new hammer will make an exception for the one called Teal’c”.


Great episode! Love Thor and the Asgards. Very powerful beings, used quite often in the series in the future, and a great source of comedy as well. The hit and run guerilla war tactics used by O’Neill and Teal’c are fun and destructive at the same time, taking out whole groups of Jaffa. Daniel’s understanding of the universe and ancient languages barely helps him understand the secret message was pi. Overall, a great and fun episode, very central to the Stargate mythos going forward.

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