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Stargate SG-1: The Nox and Hathor

Armin Shimerman in The Nox on Stargate SG-1

Armin Shimerman in The Nox on Stargate SG-1

Stargate SG-1 – Season One – Episode 12 – The Nox

Welcome Armin Shimerman to Stargate. Armin Shimerman played everyone’s favorite Ferengi, Quark, on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Shimerman may have been the first Star Trek actor to appear on Stargate, but he wasn’t the last, nor was he the best. Still, this was a nice role for him to perform in, completely different from any other sci-fi role he had held to that point.


The government is leaning heavily on Stargate Command to secure alien weapons. Teal’c talks about a creature that possessed the ability to be invisible…”stealth technology”. SG-1 goes through the Stargate to this alien planet, and discover that Apophis and a team of Jaffa are there. SG-1 tries to ambush and capture Apophis, but are killed by energy weapons…all but Teal’c, who disappears before Apophis’ eyes. Turns out an alien race known as the Nox have the ability to make things be invisible, as well as basically bringing people back from the dead. Reunited, SG-1 tries once again to capture or kill Apophis, but are prevented from doing so by the Nox. Turns out the Nox are an ancient race with incredible technology, and so while SG-1 thinks they have to protect these “primitive” Nox from the Goa’uld, the Nox are so far beyond them it’s laughable. Chastised, and learning a valuable lesson that violence is not always the answer, SG-1 returns empty-handed through the Stargate back to SGC.


“Daniel Jackson is dead” count is now at 3 I believe. Or at least believed to be dead. That counts.

Interesting moral message. I know Christianity has often struggled with reconciling Jesus’ words with the rest of the Old Testament in regards to violence. I personally know violence is not always the answer, but I’ve seen too many fools who think violence is NEVER an answer, and that’s something that needs to be guarded against. Sometimes violence is the only answer; if a mad dog is attacking you and your family, you don’t reason with it or give it a treat, you kill it. Men and women can often act in similar fashion.

Other than Armin Shimerman’s guest starring role, this was never a super memorable episode to me. It’s notable because the Nox are one of the four great Alliance of Four Great Races that existed before the Goa’uld took control of so much of the universe. And the Nox do show up again in later episodes, but overall there impact on the franchise is minimal. This episode has often felt more like a Star Trek episode than a Stargate episode, with a heavy moral message trying to be conveyed through the sci-fi medium. Many have done better jobs, though.

The Nox promo on Official Stargate website

Hathor Stargate SG-1

Hathor Stargate SG-1

Stargate SG-1 – Season One – Episode 13 – Hathor

This is another one of those episodes that feels like Showtime wanted the show to be more sexy, or else some feminist agenda got really confused halfway through the episode.


Turns out another Goa’uld was buried on Earth! In this case, the goddess Hathor was sealed in a sarcophagus in Mexico. She wakes up, kills the archaeology team who found her, and then shows up at Stargate Command, demanding to be let in and see the Stargate. At first, she’s treated like the hostile alien she is, but then all the men in the SGC begin to come under her control. Turns out she excretes some mind controlling substance through her phermones. Only people unaffected are Teal’c and the women. Hathor is in fact an ancient Goa’uld queen, capable of producing hundreds of Goa’uld symbioates, which she does after seducing Daniel Jackson. She also chooses Jack O’Neill to be her new first Jaffa, and using technology creates a Goa’uld pouch in his stomach.

Sam Carter, Teal’c, and the rest of the AirForce women attack Hathor in her “birthing tub”, and believe to have killed her as the tub catches fire. Yet Hathor escapes unharmed, gets down to the Stargate room, and walks through the Stargate to an unknown world. As soon as she leaves, her hold on all the men is broken, and Jack O’Neill reverts back to a pure human form.


Meh. Let’s have this sexy woman show up, turn all the men into her willing slave, give the other women a chance to act all sexy to try to win the men back, and when that doesn’t work, go all Sarah Conner on everyone, proving themselves equals as they save the day…yet don’t, because the evil sexy woman escapes. Oh, but they prevented the queen from making everyone into Goa’ulds. So, a half win.

The whole episode is fairly dumb. Sure, we visit another mythological figure in Hathor, and we show a little more of the dynamic between Goa’uld leaders, but that’s about it. Best we move on from there…

Hathor promo on official Stargate MGM website


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