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Social Media ROI


SEO, in a nutshell, is optimizing a website for search engines, thus driving more traffic and more conversions and sales to a website. This is done through a variety of techniques such as optimizing code, research keywords and descriptions, creating fresh content, updating images and graphical looks, and connecting and networking through social media channels like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and more. SEO is not something that can be tacked on to a website after its created; for true, deep, organic SEO results, you need to begin planning out your long-term SEO strategy from Day One of the creation of your site.

While the social media aspect is an important part of SEO, my role is less of running a social media profile for a company and more instructing and informing their own social media campaigns while suggesting ways to optimize their social media campaigns to bring them higher search engine traffic. I’ve dabbled a little in SEM (Search Engine Marketing), but it’s not a primary focus for the companies I work for. SEM is more of a straight up marketing game, and that is one area I’ve primarily not been a part of; companies are best served consulting with an SEO person like myself and then running their own SEM campaigns, unless they hire an actual SEO company that primarily does SEO and SEM exclusively.

So why is social media so important to SEO though, and why should companies invest in social media while consulting with an SEO person? Socialnomics. This YouTube video explains it much better than I…enjoy! (the song is pretty tight too)

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