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Music Monday – Star Wars Edition


Taking a break from the Top 5 Star Wars games, but keeping with the Star Wars theme. And in fact, the first song featured is the theme song from Star Wars: Republic Commando, a great game on the original Xbox (which may or may not make the Top 5 Star Wars games list):

I’ve no shame in admitting that this next song from Star Wars can make me cry if I allow myself to invest in the gravitas of the moment and listen to the music. I think its the combination of knowing Anakin, his father, is dead, as well as Vader, the enemy of the Rebels, is also dead…and then John Williams brings back Luke’s theme from A New Hope, and it all comes full circle.

scroll forward to 12:50…but the wordless choir from 0:50 on is also memorable…

As crappy or as hit or miss as the Prequels were, I still utterly love the Across the Stars theme from Attack of the Clones. It’s…perfect. Bittersweet. It’s the greatest love in the universe wrapped up in the greatest tragedy (George Lucas’ directing, cough cough). I don’t know what it is, but this song just tugs at the heart strings. It’s poetic.

And the granddaddy of Star Wars songs, the Imperial March…in a cover that may or may not be by Metallica…

And now it’s time to dance!!

Yub yub!

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