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Teen Mania


So this is something. Christian Nightmares found this MSNBC piece on a Texas based “ministry” called Teen Mania, where those who are desiring a deeper relationship with Jesus can go through a form of Christian boot camp in order to teach them self-control and beat their flesh into submission.

Watching this video was interesting. A bunch of disenchanted teenagers being called to something new, something deeper, with a desire for their life to have meaning. You can hear the rhetoric in the leaders throughout the video: “we call people to not be Christians, but disciples of Christ“, etc. Frankly sickening, and stuff I’ve heard before.

The experts MSNBC brought in to go over the descriptions of a cult are on the right track. Pretty much every point they bring up is illustrated through testimonials of either survivors or cult leaders and participants. The “group rhetoric” one makes particular sense. Words have meanings, and it’s very easy for them to change their meanings and for everyone to be speaking in “code” when they are using the same terms as “the enemy”. That’s another big sign as well: everyone outside of the group is unsaved, unspiritual, just doesn’t understand, not a forerunner, part of the problem, etc.

Yup. I’ve had enough. In a way, watching this MSNBC piece was prophetic. I’m starting to think this is where the majority of Christianity is going, sadly. Leaving Christianity, whenever I actually do, may be an act of grace and mercy from God.

The video embed may not work, but you should watch it nonetheless. Parents, be wise and discerning, and warn your kids about environments and organizations like Teen Mania, and in particular, do your best to not create an environment where young believers are drawn toward these types of cults.

Side comment – ever notice it’s those who are most closely associated with cult type groups that are the hardest on “watchtower”, “discerning”, “cult watch” type of blogs and ministries? Maybe they are burying something…

Also ever notice that cults teach how to watch out for and avoid cults?

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