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Am I the only one?


Am I the only one of my generation who thinks that “Spirit filled worship” does not mean dancing? Who doesn’t think being free means dancing? Who doesn’t think that liturgy is dead worship? That hymns are not annointed? That all the churches of our childhoods aren’t dead and lifeless? Who isn’t always searching for something new? Who isn’t always searching for something different? Who is never content with what the Lord has done? Who doesn’t differentiate between salvation and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit? Who doesn’t seek after mountain top experiences? Who doesn’t forsake reading the Word for worship experiences?

It’s so discouraging at times. I realize that so many of my generation are young, impressionable, and reacting to what they perceive is deadness and coldness simply because they haven’t been properly instructed in meaning and tradition. They search out for that which is new and exciting and different simply for the same reasons that so many young people rebel from their parents. It’s why so many young people who grew up in more charismatic churches are rapidly leaving those churches for churches that are more steeped in liturgy and tradition. They are looking for meaning amongst the meaningless.

Most of my generation believes that Spirit filled worship means dancing and loud music with free flowing structure and lyrics. The most Spirit filled worship I’ve ever experienced in a church was a group of men and women singing Wonderful Grace of Jesus, a heavily structured, harmonized, Scripture full hymn.

Most of my generation firmly believe they got saved at a young age, but everything was dead and cold to them until they had a moment where the Spirit indwelt them. I firmly believe I got saved at a young age and grew in wisdom and maturity and into a deeper relationship with God and his Holy Spirit.

Most of my generation believes that liturgy, structured services, written prayers, and the like, are cold and deadless, not allowing the Holy Spirit to speak. Yet I see tradition, history, men and women of old writing down holy words that were blessed by the Holy Spirit and allowed to survive through the centuries, containing deep meaning and comfort for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

I’m not angry with my generation. It’s not entirely our fault we don’t know any better. But I am highly discouraged. More and more I fear I must live a lie and keep my mouth shut, silently correcting and instructing and teaching where I can. But who am I, Lord? I know it was spoken over me years ago that I would be a teacher of God’s word, yet I don’t even know where to begin, whether I am qualified, whether I even have the right. I know I don’t have the words. Yet I have such a slippery grasp on truth as it already is, knowing what’s right or what’s wrong, being firmly set in some things.

So I’ll pray for wisdom and guidance.

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  1. 11/02/2011 10:45 pm

    I see Spirit-filled worship as the time when our spirit worships with God’s Spirit. Where we can sense His Spirit moving in our midst. When are personally communing with God. We hear His voice, feel His leading, we sing and learn in truth. It doesn’t really have anything to do with dancing and the latest music. It has to do with us and what we experience personally. Our own personal preference for music may help us along in the process, but it is really more of us being ready to talk to God and hear God. More of us abiding in Him and obeying Him that opens us up for Spirit-filled Worship. I love Hymns. I love Praise Songs. It is my heart that worships, not the music making me worship. We can learn much from those who have gone on before us. Those Hymns are great for telling the complete gospel, full scriptures, full biblical concepts. The Choruses are fun and catchy and can teach us basic concepts quickly. It is really up to us to want Spirit-filled Worship, no particular type of service can bring it on.

    • stuartblessman permalink*
      11/03/2011 9:36 am

      wisejunction, I fully agree. My concern then is when people start saying “only this type of worship is Spirit-filled”. When you start to listen to people of my generation, you begin to hear the same old things repeated, stuff like “my old church was dead/ my parents don’t really know how to worship and be free/ I couldn’t feel God there at all”, etc. There is always the impression that something better has been found, so of course something must have been wrong at my old church, because if there wasn’t I would have been able to find this new thing there as well.

      It is really up to us to want Spirit-filled Worship, no particular type of service can bring it on.

      Yes. But the danger is when we start defining “spirit-filled”. Arguably all worship done by Christians toward God is spirit-filled. Heck, we couldn’t even worship if we didn’t have the Holy Spirit.

      What I see, and it saddens me, is young people turning on their parents and declaring them “sub-Christian” or even not Spirit filled. I’ve been there, and regret it.

      • 11/03/2011 10:33 pm

        I agree I have seen the same thing all too often. It isn’t right. They are definitely not following the scripture that says, “Think of others better than yourselves”. They are putting them and their worship up as if it is so much better. Maybe it works for them, but they shouldn’t judge what works for others. God can speak to whoever, whenever and however He likes. He doesn’t have to have Rockbank open for Him.

  2. 11/03/2011 8:40 am

    You’re not alone Stuart, but you seem to insist on putting yourself in the midst of those you disagree with. You seem to cause this tension on purpose by going to churches call “Fusion” and “The Rock”. The names of these places give away their desire to be “new” and “relevant” and by implication a reaction against traditional Christian worship. If you want to find people your age who appreciate historical Chrsitianity you’ll have to go to churches where they believe and practice such things. Of course is always a great place to start 🙂

    • stuartblessman permalink*
      11/03/2011 9:36 am

      Yes yes, John, yes yes. lol. I was hoping that being a part of a larger church and community would keep Fusion safe from most of that “new” and “relevant” stuff, and largely it has. This seems to be a pocket example.

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