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American Horror Story


So American Horror Story is this new horror tv show that is supposed to be good yet incredibly cheesy. I haven’t watched it at all yet, but if this clip featuring Zachary Quinto (a gay actor) playing an even gayer character is any indication, this would make for a fun tv show! Nice mix of camp, over the top acting, and a bit of action. And it’s funny seeing Quinto getting thrown around, especially after all the throwing he did as Sylar in Heroes.

Zachary Quinto in American Horror Story.

I laughed quite a bit, at least.

Yeah, Zachary Quinto came out as gay a few weeks ago. While I don’t agree with the gay lifestyle, I support his coming out, and especially why he did so at this point. That story about the gay teen being bullied and taking his own life is tragic. I know how big dicks many people can be, especially toward homosexuals. It’s why I’m more sympathetic to them than most Christians; we’ve treated them harshly, and they deserve better. Homosexuality, while often a choice, can also be something people are born with a tendency toward. We live in a fallen world, corrupted by sin, and no man or woman is born 100% pure and holy and as God originally intended. Ever since the Fall, it’s entirely possible for people to be born with a tendency toward homosexuality. Does it not make it a choice to commit the act? Of course not. But we need to start treating homosexuals with the love and common human decency they deserve.

I understand that’s not a very popular opinion, yet it is the one I hold to at this time, and feel led to by the Spirit.

I do have a few gay friends in my life, but I haven’t seen them in a while. It’s a shame. I should have more gay friends and more exposure to their unique cultures, especially gay Christians. I’d hope that true Christian love can overcome any differences in opinion. And if I were ever to meet Zachary Quinto and have a chance to get to know him, I’d hope something like this wouldn’t be a dividing issue between us. Or me and anyone.

Additional thought – any Christian that boycotts Home Depot should boycott Target Corporation for the exact same reason. Show some consistency.

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