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Music Monday – Misc Mix


I missed a few days. I’ve decided with this blog that I’m no longer going to worry about the #PostADay2011 event. Real life has a way of getting busy, so keeping up a regularly scheduled blog that is purely for my own personal interest is not a high priority. Plus I’ve noticed that my enjoyment of this blog can be taken from me at different times, similar to using such sites as Facebook or Twitter.

But I still enjoy doing Music Mondays.

Say what you will about Bill Clinton and The Clinton Foundation, he still has made an impact on this world for good and for bad, and made a lot of friends along the way. His relationship with U2 goes back to before his election as President, so it’s fitting he invite Bono and the Edge to come and perform at the 10th anniversary of the Clinton Foundation. And Bono and Edge didn’t disappoint; their setlist was probably the most original thing they have done in a long time. And they debuted a song that had never been played before live: A Man and a Woman, off of the How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb album (2004).

Now, many U2 fans hate this song. I don’t understand why at all. It’s brilliant, and I would love to hear it in person one day. But this was special.

Here’s something a little bit different. Club (dubstep?) mashup of Pretty Lights and Led Zeppelin. I don’t normally listen to this type of music regularly, but it definitely has a place in the world, and at times can get you going in ways other music can’t. Enjoyed it a lot.

Here’s another video game related music video. I don’t recall if I ever posted this or not, but it’s Keith Apicary singing about the joys of the NeoGeo arcade cabinets. Keith Apicary is a character created by Nathan Barnett, the guy from that awesome Madeon dance video that took the Internet by storm a few weeks ago. I really dig the lyrics and music of this song. It’s chiptunes taken to a whole new level by actually creating a song and not just some techno bit. Great stuff.

That’s enough for now.

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