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Let’s do a few posts about Castlevania. It’s a videogame series I enjoy, and it’s Halloween season, so it seems appropriate.

For some more information about Castlevania, here is the GameTrailers Retrospective on Castlevania and Mr P’s Castlevania Realm, which is probably the great repository of Castlevania knowledge, lore, and artwork, although some of the Wikis are starting to at least fill in some of the blanks. Additionally, if you want some humor, here is Angry Video Game Nerd’s series on Castlevania. Before the month is over I plan on rewatching all of these shows.

My first exposure to Castlevania was probably at my local comic book store back in Green Bay. The place was kinda shady, which I’m sure my parents weren’t thrilled with, but I loved it. They had a quarter soda machine up front which I would buy one soda from each week and drink after walking the 3-5 miles back to my house. Back then I didn’t drink much soda, so this was always a treat. Anyways, besides the soda machine and the rows of boxes of comics, they had a couple of crumpy couches and a Nintendo set up, and you could sit and play games all day long if you wanted to. I don’t recall ever actually doing it, but I remember watching a couple of older guys playing Castlevania, one of the original Nintendo versions. Looked interesting, but also looked incredibly hard.

Flash forward a couple of years, and I was standing in a Toys R’ Us playing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on the original Playstation, and thought it was pretty cool if confusing having picked up from someone else’s game (this was back when you could literally beat a game in a store, as people took turns with the full retail version). You played as a guy with a sword going through a huge castle slashing monsters! Awesome! Later on I picked up a copy of Symphony of the Night (this was maybe 5-6 years later), played a few minutes, but since I didn’t own a PS1 or PS2, ended up leaving it and losing it at a friend’s house. Still, I have a digital copy with Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles on PSP, so one day I’ll play it.

My first Castlevania game, however, was Circle of the Moon on the Game Boy Advance…

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