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The New Annotated Dracula book

The New Annotated Dracula book

Since the month of October has Halloween in it, I’ve decided to read for the first time the book Dracula by Bram Stoker. I’ve picked up a copy of The New Annotated Dracula and I am going to begin reading it tonight.

I’ve been meaning to read Dracula for a number of years, but just have never gotten around to it. I’m relatively familiar with the source material. My first exposure to Dracula was with an old shareware computer game called Dracula in London. The game appeared to be fairly faithful to the orginal source material, tasking you with researching Dracula, checkin in on Renfield at the asylum, finding Dracula’s boxes of native dirt, and defeating his minions such as bats. For what it was, it was highly engaging and also very scary; when Dracula showed up, you were afraid.

I’ve seen a few movies about Dracula, most notably the Francis Ford Coppola movie and Dracula 2000, but I’m actually watching Dracula AD 1972 as I’m writing this; so far it’s very 70’s and somewhat interesting. The opening was pretty good, with a fight between Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee; it properly had that gothic feel that I like about the Dracula mythos.

Most of my exposure to Dracula has been through the Castlevania series of videogames, where Dracula’s castle is often the main environment of the game, and Dracula is the end boss you must fight. I’ll write more about Castlevania this week, time permitting, as I think it is deserving of a blog entry of its own.

But for now, here’s to Dracula. This should be an interesting read and a great Halloween!

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