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Things Science Cannot Prove


Good article over on Internet Monk about Five Things Science Cannot Prove But Are Necessary for Science to Work.

Good article, but it hurts my brain just a bit. I admit my science is woefully lacking. I don’t know if this is on account of my education or lack of gifting with an understanding and delight in science. I remember when I was really young, I would read metaphysical and quantum physics books for fun, but they were always those “The Metaphysics of Star Trek” books written by an actual scientist but looking at examples of science mentioned on Star Trek. And back then, I understood it, certainly better than I do now.

Some science I enjoy. I’d love to know more about the science of cooking, and the science with pharmacy is also fascinating to me (if I could restart school from scratch, at a young age, and money not being an issue, I would have gone into pharmacy). But a lot of science just goes right over my head. Things like blackholes, for instance, are more fun as a literary device than they are as a scientific study.

I have this theory. For centuries, Christians were at the forefront of all major scientific breakthroughs and discoveries. The joy of finding out how this world the Creator gave us is what inspired a lot of people to study hard and test test test. Yet after Darwin, I can’t think of a single Christian contribution to the advancement of science. Why is that? Is it that we’ve (Christians) gone just as far with science as we can, and to go any farther is to doubt God or the Scriptures? If Creationism, referring to the Young Earth Creationism so popular amongst fundamentalists, is truly the answer, then why aren’t we Christians the ones leapfrogging science forward? Why are the evolutionists still advancing science, albeit with little meaning or understanding behind it?

I think Christianity shut the door on our involvement in science when we took a stand against Darwin and for “truth”. As a result, my generation of Christians and the ones proceeding me just aren’t that interested in science. It’s now viewed as the dark arts, almost, since it’s all a godless liberal evolutionist agenda anyways. But maybe there is hope for following generations. As people start to realize that Scripture and science both have things to contribute, maybe things will change.

One can hope. I just know that I will never let my kids ever be educated by most young earth creationist groups, nor by atheistic evolutionary groups.

God is the creator and this is his creation. We should never be afraid of learning how this world works and how it came to be, despite how uncomfortable it makes our assumptions.

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  1. Grant permalink
    10/07/2011 7:38 am

    Good observations. But I also think that ‘Science’ became synonymous with evolution (molecules to man) and creation left at the doorstep of religion. This is the major change of thinking that occurred. Creationists still do good science but now grant money is only available to prove things that aren’t really provable from a scientific perspective.

    One challenge based on your conclusion: Good on the surface but even more so as Christians and people who approach God by faith in His Word, we should never think that a moment in time observation by a scientific method somehow trumps what the Word clearly tells us. It is not just a fun stance that young earth creationists hold, it is the Bible and Jesus who quoted that part of the Bible. Do we throw that out as well?

    • stuartblessman permalink*
      10/07/2011 9:25 am

      Well, define the word “clearly”. 🙂

      What the Word tells us clearly has certainly been misunderstood at multiple points in history, all by men who were Christians, spirit filled, and any other classification we’d wish to throw on top of that to prove that they are “true” Christians.

      My point coming away from this is that something happened between Christianity and science, and it has robbed us of not only our once high status within the scientific community but also from our joy of discovering God’s creation. If anything, we are rapidly regressing to a premodernism point, where there are mysterious and mystical forces working behind everything, and any attempt to discover God’s world is at best distrusting God and at worse blasphemy.

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