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Music Monday – Songs that Remind me of Halloween and October


Odd that I am this excited for Halloween. I guess last year was the first time on Halloween that I didn’t feel afraid or wary of the whole world, and was actually able to enjoy the holiday. Did a few hayrides, went to a haunted house…loved it, loved the general atmosphere and vibe of the whole event. I think modern Christians don’t appreciate Halloween nearly as much as they should, for it could easily be one of the greatest Christian holidays, yet many treat it with extreme skepticism and a high level of irrationality. Sure, there is darkness and wickedness that happens that night, but just as much during other nights. And Halloween has many features that Christianity should be taking the lead on, not least of which is the All Saint’s Day concept…

Anyways. Maybe I’ll write more about the importance of Halloween later. But for now, here are some songs that fit an October and Halloween mood.

Eels – Fresh Blood. This song was one I had on repeat a lot last October, having just discovered it. Really fits that atmospheric autumn evening feel. And zombies.

Another dark stormy night type of vibe…Dark Shines by Muse.

And of course one of the most popular Halloween type songs, Michael Jackson’s Thriller…

Found this cool compilation from the Twin Cities on YouTube…pretty good Halloween song suggestions…although one or two are hard to take seriously…

Don’t Fear the Reaper is a song that most people would put on a Halloween list, but I tend to associate it more with the game Prey where the song was playing during an alien abduction…so quasi-Halloween, I guess, if that stuff scares you. Halloween isn’t really about terror, but whatever…

There are plenty other songs as well, such as Monster Mash, but I guess I was going for more of songs that feel like October or Halloween. I’m sure more will come to mind, but right now I’m drawing a blank.

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