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My first Dr. Who episode


So last night I watched my first ever Doctor Who episode. David Tennant has always been the Doctor I visually liked best, but I had only ever watched bits and pieces of episodes. Since this is the month of Halloween, and my Netflix horror choices weren’t sounding too appealing at the moment, I decided to google which was the scariest episode of Dr. Who, and the Internet told me “Blink” was probably the scariest. So “Blink” is my first ever full episode of Doctor Who.

Check out the teaser!

Holy crap was that a good episode, and pretty freaky in fact. David Tennant wasn’t in the episode all that much, but the characters they created were well rounded and fleshed out, and pretty cute too. The evil aliens, the stone angels, were very scary. The idea that a race of beings is frozen in stone when they are observed is interesting. They literally attack between the blinks of an eye. The show designers did a great job of designing each angel differently, keeping them in different poses including the epic “angry gonna come after you” poses.

I really liked this. You don’t need to know a whole lot about Doctor Who in order to be invested in it, and they tease you with enough time travel stuff to make you want to see more. My mom has recently started watching all the recent Doctor Who episodes on Netflix, and I think I might have to catch up with her.

My viewing schedule has just gotten busier…yet I’d still kill for a full time job and more responsibilities that prevent me from watching tv! The greater good.

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