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The Saboteur Ending


Last summer I played through a game called The Saboteur. It was the last game of Pandemic studios before they closed, and in my opinion and the gaming community at large, the developer was closed before the game was fully polished. The game was certainly finished, but it was rough at times. Still, the ability to play as an Irishman fighting in the French Resistance was an experience I couldn’t pass up.

Why do I play video games, especially violent video games? Well, one reason is that violent video games are experiences you can’t find elsewhere, such as actually being able to storm the beach at Normandy or fight in the French Resistance. To experience this period in history in a video game, I have to be willing to hold a gun and fight off Nazis and traitors. That’s a compromise I can live with. The act of killing in the video game is no different than reading about a killing in a book; both you experience in your mind’s eye and take an active, willing part in. And as to whether or not video games are edifying for my Christian life…I’d say they are, as they teach me about the world and the differences in it between Christ and Satan. But I’m not here to debate. If you want to hear other Christians talk about why video games matter to Christians, check out Christ and Pop Culture.

The ending to The Saboteur was intense for me. The whole game you have been in Paris and the surrounding countryside, seeing the Eiffel Tower, and now you finally have a chance to climb it. The bad guy is holed up on the top, and you need to go and confront him. Around you, the city burns, and Nazis kill themselves left and right to escape judgement. There is haunting melody being played on piano over and over again, juxtaposed over the screams of the dying. And you still have a grim mission to accomplish.

I don’t know why it matters so much to me. But it does. This was a good game, despite it’s flaws.

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