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Stargate SG-1: Secrets and Bane


Stargate SG-1 Secrets

Stargate SG-1 Secrets

Stargate SG-1 – Season Two – Episode 9 – Secrets

Important episode! Pay attention!


It’s the one year anniversary of Daniel leaving Abydos (the planet from the Stargate movie), and on cue nearly, Daniel’s father in law unburies the Stargate. Daniel and Teal’c visit Abydos while Sam and Jack have an important Air Force ceremony honoring their accomplishments (in “deep space telemetry”, the cover story for the Stargate program). Upon arriving at Abydos, Daniel is prepared to tell Kasuf (another actor from the original movie!) that he has yet to find Sha’re…yet Kasuf leads Daniel right to Sha’re on the planet, who is 9 months pregnant. It appears the Goa’uld submerges itself in the host in order for the birth to proceed correctly, thus allowing the host to regain control of their own body. Apophis sent Sha’re to Abydos to keep her safe during childbirth.

Meanwhile, in Washington, DC, Jack and Sam run into Sam’s father, Major General Jacob Carter. Jacob doesn’t appreciate not knowing really what Sam is up to in the Air Force, and pulls some strings to get her into NASA, something she had always wanted (but doesn’t need anymore due to the Stargate program). Also, Jacob has cancer and is dying. Things between Sam and Jacob are tough, to say the least. Meanwhile, Jack is approached by a reporter who knows a little too much about the Stargate program, such as the fact that it exists. Jack attempts to meet up with the reporter multiple times, but the reporter is unexpectedly hit by a car and paralyzed, and begins accusing Jack of planning for him to be silenced before he went public.

Due to the accident the ceremony is cancelled and Jack and Sam are honored by General Hammond back in Stargate Command. Meanwhile, Sha’re has her baby and the Goa’uld immediately reserts itself. Abruptly the Jaffa forces of Heru’ur attack, a rival of Apophis. Teal’c and Daniel fight them off and take the baby from Sha’re, and attempt to escape through the Stargate. Jack and Sam arrive and force Heru’ur to flee, yet before they can dial the gate Apophis arrives and meets up with Sha’re. Sha’re tells Apophis that Heru’ur stole the baby…but she sees SG-1, and Daniel with the baby, hiding in the room, and doesn’t tell Apophis. They leave, and SG-1 gives the baby to Kasuf for safe keeping.


VERY important episode for the future. It brings into the franchise Jacob Carter who becomes a recurring guest star despite his cancer. It propels the story of Daniel and Sha’re forward, showing that Sha’re is actively fighting Goa’uld influence and reinforcing Daniel’s committment to free her. And later on the reporter gets mentioned, albeit briefly; that storyline really goes no where.

O’Neill: Alright… if you’re gonna go ahead with it, I wanna make sure you get one thing right. It’s O’Neill, with 2 L’s. There’s another Colonel O’Neil with only one L – he has no sense of humor at all.

Stargate SG-1 Bane

Stargate SG-1 Bane

Stargate SG-1 – Season Two – Episode 10 – Bane

Not the Batman villain.


SG-1 visits a planet that looks a lot like Vancouver, Canada! The planet is deserted. Kinda. A freaking huge bug all of a sudden lands on Teal’c’s back, and before Jack can shoot it off, it stings Teal’c. Abruptly swarms of these freakishly huge bugs arrive, and SG-1 runs screaming through the Stargate, close the shield, where hundreds of impacts occur.

Dr. Fraiser can’t help Teal’c. The effects of the bug are ravishing him. Specialists are brought in. Colonel Maybourne then arrives and orders General Hammond to release Teal’c to the NID for study. While transporting Teal’c, he goes insane and busts his restraints, killing the transport driver and escaping into Colorado cities. In a delirium Teal’c wanders before finding a house he can take refuge in. Meanwhile, Carter and Fraiser discover that Teal’c is a host for the bug, and the bug sting is slowly converting his body into more of those bugs. He has to find a dark warm place in order to hatch.

A young girl discovers Teal’c and befriends him, as he is still semi-lucid if irrational. She brings him water, food, clothes, etc…and SG-1 eventually discovers where Teal’c is, and Fraiser and Carter cure him.


Meh. The bug is suitably huge and freaky, and there are some funny Jack moments, but overall this episode is just meh. It’s kinda cool to see Teal’c wandering around 1990s Colorado Spring, talking to street hoodlums about his “radically cool tattoo”, but that’s about it.

Teal’c: To show my gratitude, I have brought you a new weapon. One with increased firepower and range. (He hands Ally a new water gun)
Ally: Wicked! This is so cool! Have any time to play?
Daniel: Actually we- (Ally shoots Teal’c and runs away) …Guess we shouldn’t have loaded it, huh?
Teal’c: (Puts on sunglasses) How else would she defend herself? (He pulls out his own water gun, shoots Daniel and chases after Ally)

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