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Music Monday – TV Show Themes


TV show themes? C’mon, Stuart, couldn’t you write something a little better than that? How is TV shows redeeming? Why are you wasting your life blogging about this? Don’t you know you will give an account for every idle word and minute and be judged for it, and dare I say harshly?

Eh. I have no response. I needed a theme, and TV show themes sounds pretty interesting.

If you are looking for something a little bit deeper, listen to The Elephant Room podcast between Mark Driscoll, James MacDonald, and Mark Dever about whether or not it’s appropriate for a church to play “I’m on the Highway To Hell” or “Running with the Devil” before a church service dedicated to hell or characters serving the devil.

Disclaimer – not a big fan of James MacDonald. The few sermons I’ve heard from him, mostly older and on cassette, make him sound like the worse kind of fundamentalist attacking everything in culture regardless of any redeeming value. And this podcast, while good, REALLY gets heated near the end. I understand so called righteous anger, but it’s always telling who gets angry and who doesn’t and why (false rage concerning someone’s desire to defend Christ).

Anyways…TV show tunes!!!

First, Battlestar Galactica.

I think this is the best TV series that has ever been made. Each episode has the traditional theme song followed by a high energy, intense montage of shots from the upcoming show. This show may not be for everyone, and I’m hesitant at times to suggest it to Christians (while neatly avoiding that “if not all can watch it should you be watching it?” trap), but anyone who watches it loves it.

The 4400

I’m sure some will deride this song as being New Agey, but I think it fits the tone and feeling of the show perfectly. The 4400 is about 4400 people who disappeared throughout history and suddenly reappeared on a beach in the Pacific Northwest, with no clue what had happened to them or that time had passed. Over the course of the show, these 4400 people discover they have specific powers, like the X-Men almost, and a few begin to dream and remember what occurred during their abduction. The show only lasted 4 seasons, but was extremely well made and fun. Frequent cast changes, however, kept it from achieving truly great status, but I’m sure it will be remembered as a cult classic.

Star Trek Voyager

The theme song of my childhood, perhaps. For seven years I looked forward to hearing this music every Wednesday. I’m not gonna lie, on the night the final episode of Star Trek Voyager aired, and this theme song played over the credits, I cried. It was the end of a journey, my childhood, my escape at times from the horrors of Christian fundamentalism and high school life. This song still evokes lots of memories in me, and remains a favorite.


The video is a little misleading, as it’s a fan creation of a show called “Metropolis” that never existed. Anyways, Smallville’s theme song was written and performed by Remy Zero. This song is pretty much their only claim to fame, sadly. Remy Zero’s The Golden Hum album is actually a really, really good album that is somewhere in my top 100 of all time. But talking abotu Smallville…yeah, the show is dumb at times, and for large sections I lost interest, but I remember watching it weekly on TV when it first came out, developed a huge crush on Chloe (and later Lois Lane, HELLO ERICA DURANCE!), and bought each season on dvd as it came out. I haven’t seen any of season 10 (the last season) of Smallville yet, waiting for the DVDs my brother will buy this time, but I’m looking forward to finishing the journey. If Star Trek Voyager was late middle school, junior high, and early high school for me, then Smallville was high school, community college, university, and now adulthood.

Robot Chicken

And finally, Robot Chicken. Simply because it’s a brilliant, funny show, and I love shouting “it’s alive!” in time with the theme song.

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