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Fantasy Football


So this year I’m once again in two different fantasy football leagues. The first league is the one I’ve been in for about 8 or 9 years now, The Baptist Football League, otherwise known as the BFL. My dad is a founding member of the league, I’ve known the commissioner since I was really young, and it’s just a great group of guys that I’ve been playing with. The problem is though that I’m cursed in this league, and can never seem to get more than a handful of wins per season. Bad placements, bad player choices, bad…whatever. I suck.

Here’s my draft day 2011 BFL lineup, team name Jedi Mime Tricks:

Tony Romo – QB
Matt Forte – RB
LaGarrette Blount – RB
Kenny Britt – WR
Danny Amendola – WR
Vernon Davis – TE

Mason Crosby – K
Green Bay Packers – D

Ryan Fitzpatrick – QB
Ronnie Brown – RB
Miles Austin – WR
Eric Decker – WR
Greg Olsen – TE

My other league, I think this is my third year playing in it. I do much, much better in this league…I think I placed second one year. It’s also made up of people from churches around the Minnesota area, mostly from people I know who are either still at my former church or have also left it.

Team Name Dwarves w/ Shotguns

Donovan McNabb – QB
Jeremy Maclin – WR
Chad Ochocinco – WR
Danny Amendola – WR
Darren McFadden – RB
Maurice Jones-Drew – RB
Jerimichael Finley – TE
Roy Williams – WR

Josh Brown – K
Philadelphia – D

Ryan Fitzpatrick – QB
Greg Olsen – TE
Bernard Scott – RB
Eric Decker – WR

You can tell there is some overlap. I like finding one or two sleepers and drafting them. They’ve paid off pretty well in the past. Hopefully these guys will stun and amaze the first two weeks or so…

Here’s to a good year!

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