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Minnesota State Fair 2011


As per custom, I attended the Minnesota State Fair this year, this time on two different days as opposed to just the one. I went with a variety of friends, tried a myriad of foods, enjoyed staring at way too many interesting people I really hope live in another state.

So here are some highlights:

Best Food of the 2011 Minnesota State Fair. Probably the minniapple pies with cinnamon ice cream. It’s like if a McDonald’s apple pie and the carmel apple empanada at Taco Bell had a baby together. Warm, flaky, delicious.

Saw a guy’s girlfriend playing Star Wars Arcade while he stood and watch. I find that adorable. And she’s half bad either.

Making a friend or two try some middle eastern food when they normally only eat “meat and potatoes” type of meals.

Hearing Rise Above 1 by Bono, Edge, and Reeve Carney while exploring the environmental houses.

Here’s some photos!

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  1. Eagle permalink
    09/06/2011 9:45 pm

    Wow!!! I remember going to the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis!! (lol!!) First year I got so sick, I tried food that I never had before. Fried twinkies? Who thinks this shit up? The nastiest has to be the Herb Kohl milk booth different flavors of milk. For example coca cola flavored milk, root beer falvored milk, etc..

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