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Music Monday – More Video Game Music


So in honor of beating both Dead Space 2 and Dragon Age: Origins a week earlier, it’s time for some more video game music during Music Monday.

Here’s the song that runs during the credits of Borderlands –

And here’s the credits music from Dead Space 2…almost has a 28 Days Later/28 Weeks Later feel to it. Perfectly isolating and rocking.

Which remind me of this OCRemix music from Silent Hill 2. I think I played Silent Hill 2 briefly when I first bought my original Xbox, but I struggled with the controls at the time so never really played it very far. I know the Silent Hill franchise is very popular, with Silent Hill 2 being the cream of the crop…the movie was pretty good, at least. Stay tuned on this remix for a pretty cool fuzz guitar solo.

Ok, something a little happier. I love Skies of Arcadia, and this was my favorite song from it. The funny thing was, there were people in the village who danced to this song, perfectly in time to the beat, and I would walk away from my Dreamcast and let it play in the background. Great song to have on repeat.

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