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Music Monday – Worship Songs


Thought I would put up a few of my favorite worship songs today. It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to listen to most worship songs…but I think things are starting to get a little better. I no longer cringe when I hear most of these songs, and can appreciate them again. Faith being renewed, and all that.

To start off, I heard this amazing song at church on Friday. I really really enjoyed it, and the worship band seemed to as well, although the room didn’t respond as powerfully as previous songs (no lie, the song right before this one, the entire chorus was 8 repeats of “I love you”. That’s it.). Cool song, awesome guitar, amazing vibe, decent lyrics…had to google it when I got home. Slight disappointment to see it’s a song by Misty Edwards from IHOP.

Now, I’ve written about IHOP before. I think it’s a fairly dangerous place because ideas and theology have consequences, and I’ve seen too many destroyed or twisted lives from people who buy in to IHOP fully. I think it’s a huge red herring to say “but it’s just about worshipping Jesus and praying 24/7!” Both great, noble things. “Hath God really said…” and all that. I think Misty Edwards has an amazing talent, plus she’s pretty cute too and has an amazing voice, not that the former really matters. However, knowing IHOP’s theology, it makes the words suspect to me. Yet I can still claim this song for God and worship along to it.

Another song I was introduced to through IHOP. IHOP really does seem to be of two minds: they make some pretty incredible CDs, but the really weird stuff is saved for the prayer room and the continous music. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never really known God to speak through continous music or noise, nor is it the best medium for prayer. I still hear God best in the stillness and quiet.

Delirious is a pretty good band. I really like them, but as part of me leaving my last church, I had to cease listening to them for a while because it was too painful. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to listen to them again without reservation. Still, this is a great song.

Another great Delirious. There is a church here in Minnesota that, without fail, whenever I visit they play this song. I may be the only one there to really enjoy it, but I so do.

I don’t hate Christian music. I really don’t. I do think most of it is pretty terrible, though…”third rate poems set to fourth rate music”, to quote CS Lewis. But there are enough gems. And I’m sure some of the ones I consider good songs, when they were written most people probably didn’t like them. Worship music is fluid through generations and cultures and groups.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why I’ve had some an adversion to Christianity, Christian music, and a lot related to it in the past year or so. Part of it has to be going from being so involved in my previous church and then abruptly…waking up, perhaps, and radically changing. Once that feeling of betrayal sinks in, however legitimate it may have been, it’s hard to get rid of. The almost hysterical desire to purge myself of all traces of my former life and church was with me for a long time. Desperation to do anything to get away get away get away get away. And it sucks, because it was so abrupt of a transition, despite having been brewing for months. I’m sure many people think I was a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” for the last few months I was there, but up until the day I left, I know I wasn’t; I hadn’t given up, hadn’t lost hope, wasn’t simply smiling and nodding while lying in my heart. Hardly.

I hadn’t lost faith. I hadn’t lost the true desire for Christ, the church, Christianity, any of it. Yet I needed a break. I needed balance. But I think I lost my affections for a lot of everything. A numbing of self to avoid pain and loneliness. I don’t know.

I may finally be at the point where I’d be willing to grab lunch. Yet I know every single one of my friends and advisors would tell me to stay away and stop letting everything have such an influence on me.

I need to get away.

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  1. Grant permalink
    08/25/2011 10:47 pm

    Delirious? baby! represent! Beautiful songs and great praise rolled into one. Gotta love it. Good to see such great stuff on here….especially that Misty who? song! LOL


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