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Have I talked about turntable.FM on this blog before? I don’t think I have.

Turntable.FM is, according to Wikipedia, “a social media website that allows users to interactively share music.” Basically, you join a room that is often themed around a particular genre or style of music (or in one of the rooms I like to hang out in, a particular website). In that room, up to five people go up on the DJ stand and take turns playing music. If the room and other DJs like that particular song, they click the “Awesome” button and the DJ earns a point. Points can be used for upgrading avatars and other fun things. But if people don’t like your song, they will click “Lame”, and while you won’t lose points, if enough people click Lame you will be booted from being a DJ.

It’s a pretty interesting concept. You are allowed to upload your own music, but the library is pretty vast already. There are some restrictions, however, such as being able to only play 4 songs by any one artist in a single hour…making a dedicated artist room impossible. Another disappointment is the elitist that can often occur in some rooms, where if you don’t play the music that THEY define as a particular style, you will get strongly encouraged to leave and never return. Rooms typically operate according to a wait list, so if you want to play in a room during peak hours you may be waiting an hour or more to gain a slot. Also, unless there are at least 2 DJs in a room, any song played will only be a sample, even if it’s a song you uploaded yourself.

Turntable.FM is a fun concept. I tend to hang out in two to three different rooms, such as Mashup, Indie, or the atu2 room, but I’ve dabbled in other rooms. It can be really fun to DJ and chat with other people, playing music and talking about the day and various topics. Or, it can be useful for playing in the background while doing work or reading. There are plenty of uses for turntable.FM.

I highly suggest checking it out sometime. It can have a learning curve, but once you find your niche, it will be fun.

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