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Went to the chiropractor today…


Went to the chiropractor today, first time in a month. Kinda felt like this:

chiropractor visit

epic kick or chiropractor visit?

But seriously, he did some good work. My neck has been spasming a little bit recently, kind of a microspasm from time to time, normally while driving or sitting still but sometimes while looking to the right. He did some work on my neck that felt incredible at the time, then later on felt like he hurt me, but now is starting to feel better again.

And work continues to progress on fixing my hyper extended left knee! He had me cross my left leg over my right, or rather cross my left foot over my right knee, and then he told me to bend both knees toward my chest (as I’m lying down). Holy crap that hurt immensely, which allowed him to better locate where the damage is and get to work on it.

He hurt me good.

A more substantial post tomorrow, I promise.

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