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Music Monday – Even Better Than the Real Thing


Evolution of a song: U2’s Even Better Than the Real Thing

I gotta say, as far as all the U2 360 Tour openers went, I think this one was just about perfect. As much as I love the Soon/Breathe opener from 2009, it just didn’t get the crowd moving as well as it could. Nor did 2010’s Return of the Sting Ray Guitar, which was a good instrumental tune that got the crowd into a certain mood, but wasn’t “really” a U2 song. But Even Better Than the Real Thing…this was superb.

The original version, from 1991’s Achtung Baby:

“…is it art, or is it pornography?” Classic.

The Perfecto Remix –

Live from Sydney ZooTV Sydney –

Live from Popmart Mexico City –

And the new 360 tour version, proshot in Sao Paulo –

And one more, this really cool new mix version from Glastonbury with awesome visuals –

We already miss you, U2. Please come back sooner than 2015.

“…the latest and greatest in software, hardware, and men’s ware.”

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