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Epic Meal Time


You all know I’m a fan of cooking and a fan of food in general, obviously too much of a fan (more so just not a big enough fan of physical exercise). I absolutely love Man vs Food, watch one or two episodes of Bizarre Foods a week, and I recently finished up Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. I love cooking, yet having cooked for large groups for a number of years, I have no desire to become a chef. Learn the skills, but that’s definitely not what I want to do for a living…unless it’s make gourmet pizzas and earn enough money to support myself and a family.

One of the best YouTube series currently is Epic Meal Time. Started by a bunch of Canadian dudes, it’s them coming up with incredibly vulgar, bizarre, and genuinely EPIC types of foods and food creations. They have become an Internet sensation. Bacon is their trademark, and they use it for all types of sinister purposes. I’d be surprised if they haven’t copyrighted the term “gay bacon” by now, to refer to those rainbow colored strips of sugar “bacon”. They are also known for ingesting huge amounts of Jack Daniels, using it for drinking, sauce powering, bacon flavoring, cooking, and so much more.

Epic Meal Time’s most recent episode is also certainly epic. They have joined forces with FPSRussia, another YouTube sensation. He is a Russian dude who fires incredible weapons to demonstrate them. His tagline is – “Don’t worry; I’m a professional Russian.” If that doesn’t tell you what his episodes are like, nothing else will.

Together, they have created something truly professional and epic. They use a freaking bayonet to stack burgers, and they eat with a glock. I love this program!

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