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Music Monday – The Beatles Edition


Ah, the Beatles. That evil, deceptive, faith destroying band that nearly every Christian has had to at one time or another in their life denounce, throw away all their records, and then become comprised by returning to the Beatles and thinking “hmm, this music is actually pretty good and not as evil as the pastor was saying!” Yup, the Beatles have long been Satan’s chief tool on Earth, because through them we have abortion, sex education, no prayer in public schools, and all other societal ills that have come about through rock and roll. The Beatles are certainly not more popular than Jesus Christ, thank you very much!

It may seem like satire, but many Christians seriously do believe this. And while I don’t want to cause a stumbling block for anyone who believes God is telling them (and all other true Christians) to give up the Beatles and burn their records, it’s such a common story that I doubt Jesus is the one speaking to them. Even my own parents went through that phase, but I thank God that He led them out of that deception and back into good music. Us second generation Christians have seen our parents go through a lot, and come out on the otherside for the worse or with no discernible changes, so hopefully future generations won’t have to go through the things we and our parents did.

But enough about that!

Everyone knows the Beatles, those four lads from Liverpool who took the world by storm, inspiring a generation and more for social activism, good music, and the drugs, oh, the sweet, sweet drugs (ok, I’ll knock off the sarcasm). The Beatles showed up at an interesting time in the world, late 1950s, early 1960s, and were instrumental for shaping the next decade of the world, as well as the next couple decades of music. Their music ranged from simple, tin can alley type rock and roll, up to the more complex and out there arrangements of their later career. It may come as no surprise to people that I prefer the latter Beatles to the former, but the former had many great songs as well.

My mom was a Beatles fan growing up, and at one point owned original versions of all their records. After receiving Christ, she was led to believe she had to give up her records, but God brought them back into her life later on; I’ve never seen my mom so happy and joyous as when she’s singing along to a Paul McCartney song…it’s one of the greatest blessings of my life. So through her and my dad’s influence, my musical tastes were expanded from a young age, to the point now where I can sing along to nearly any Beatles song. It’s a debt I’m immensely grateful for, even though it caused nothing but problems in some of the more fundamentalist churches my family has attended.

So, here’s some of my favorite Beatles songs!

The Beatles – Help!

The Beatles – Another Girl

The Beatles – While My Guitar Gently Weeps

The Beatles – For No One

And arguably…arguably…my favorite Beatles song. Maybe. Some days. Most days. But not all days.

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  1. 07/18/2011 9:27 pm

    I think of a number of things that previously I would not have enjoyed nor seen due to ignorance.

    Last night I saw the Broadway musical Wicked in the Kennedy Center. Here’s the stopping number from it called “Defying Gravity”.

    Its one of the more popular Broadway shows today. However, due to the subject matter, the Wizzard of Oz, witchcraft, sourcery, etc.. would I have seen it 5 to 6 years ago? Probably not becuase it was subversive and questionable. The same for the Harry Potter books and movies. I remember when I worked in a store and refused to sell Dungeons and Dragon because of sourcery. You would have that it was pornograghy with how I reacted.

    So it goes so much beyond the Beatles and other musical groups.

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