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Top 5 Star Wars Videogames

Super Star Wars Return of the Jedi GameBoy

Super Star Wars Return of the Jedi GameBoy

Videogames or video games? If both are lower case, “video games” looks better, but I think “videogames” is proper, just doesn’t look right capitalized.

So I was doing research and reconnaissance for work, finding techy articles and blogs and relevant industry news, when I ran into this article –

Top 5: Star Wars games – Bits N Bytes Gaming

That is awful. That is just an awful thing to do to me. And to have me reading the people’s comments and descriptions? Beyond awful. Especially because now I need to try to come up with my own top 5 favorite Star Wars games. Or best Star Wars games. Or whatever.

A week or so ago I was playing through the first level of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on Xbox 360 (before my Xbox decided to start crapping out on me and I rage quit the game because it was cheating), so I decided to revisit the Star Wars Retrospectives on GameTrailers, created back in 2009 or so (around when Force Unleashed came out). This one video in particular (linked) got me thinking about my own history with Star Wars and video games.

I think I have lived during the best time period for Star Wars games, neither too old nor too young. While I didn’t grow up with the old Atari games or arcade games (which I’ve played later on), I did grow up when Super Star Wars and the following games came out. I remember going to a friend’s high school graduation, little 12 year old me, and playing X-Wing and TIE Fighter on his pc. I remember being blown away by Shadows of the Empire on Nintendo 64 in Toys ‘R Us, buying a copy of Return of the Jedi on GameBoy for a family trip to Colorado, getting a group of friends together to play Star Wars Arcade on my birthday (which has inspired a tradition of absolutely having to play the game every time I go to the MN State Fair)(I have the game nearly memorized), playing and getting stuck in Dark Forces on PC, buying a graphics card so I could play Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, the joy of Podracer on Nintendo 64 as well as countless summer days and nights playing Rogue Squadron, working through The Phantom Menace on Dreamcast, playing Jedi Power Battles with friends, destroying vehicles in Demolition, watching a friend play Galatic Battlegrounds and X-Wing Alliance, beating Jedi Outcast (my first beaten game) on GameCube, selling my Dreamcast so I could buy Knights of the Old Republic, the sheer joy and insanity of playing Battlegrounds, coming home from working 4 am to 3 pm to play Republic Commando, the puzzlement on my family’s face when I played Lego Star Wars, and the over the top delicious evilness of playing The Force Unleashed.

Star Wars Dark Forces

Star Wars Dark Forces

In fact, The Force Unleashed is the last Star Wars game I’ve played (not counting Lego Star Wars Complete Saga). I haven’t even played the sequel yet. That’s something else I’ve grown up with, watching Star Wars games go from amazing and industry setting in terms of gameplay and design, to basically falling on their face and becoming a joke. That’s why I haven’t played Force Unleashed II: nothing but bad, bad reviews when it came out. Yet it’s Star Wars, and I like the storyline, so I may still play it when it’s dirt cheap. Star Wars is now nothing but bad Wii games it feels like, except for the still in development The Old Republic MMORPG; that game could be great, but I don’t think my laptop will run it. The first warnings of Star Wars decline were during The Phantom Menace days…too many kids games, cheap 3D games, etc. There was still some quality, but it declined quickly.

So Star Wars has always been a part of my gaming life. I love that universe, that fantasy setting more than just about anything. It is near and dear to me, perhaps scaringly so. And yet at times I’ve held it at a distance. I didn’t even go to the Star Wars exhibit at the Science Museum when it was in town. A shame, really. I was just too broke and too lazy to make the, at the time, tremendous effort to go see it.

There is a lot more to life than Star Wars. And I dial back my nerdness significantly when it comes to those things. Yet I still read all the books and play all the games that are geared toward me. I’ve missed many, but played a lot. A friend remarked to me lately that she appreciated being nerdy but there is always a limit, and I agree wholeheartedly.

I think I’ll come up with my list of Top 5 Star Wars games tomorrow, so I can feel like I can devote more time to it to do it justice.

Go watch that Star Wars Retrospective series. You will be watching part of my life, and the lives of many others.

May the Force be with you!


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