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Not Much Going On…


Not a whole lot to say right now…not a whole lot going on.

Finished Stephen King’s The Stand last night. Decided to buckle down and just finish it…think I sat on the couch from 10 pm to 2 am and polished it off. Good book, very glad I read it. I’m not sure what my next Stephen King book will be, but I think reading at least one of his books a year is a good goal to have. I know many think he’s not that great a writer and that he uses terrible metaphors…which is fairly true…yet it’s entertaining stuff. I’m not looking for anything deeper than that from him.

Foot started hurting again. Didn’t feel like gout, but late last night some pain returned and lasted until sometime this afternoon. Right now my foot just kinda feels sore a little. It didn’t feel like gout, felt more like I needed a good pop in the arch of my foot and then everything would be better. I attribute it to just walking around St. Paul in crappy shoes.

Visited the Minnesota Science Museum yesterday with a friend, walked through the Pharoah exhibit they have on display. Pretty cool stuff. I thought the Science Museum’s presentation was really well done, had nice little theatrical touches to the displays and rooms. I always feel a little awkward and out of place at museums because of everyone else around and my trying not to give offense by being in the way or anything, yet for some of the pieces I could have just examined them for a long period of time. Always felt like I was standing in the way of someone. Anyways, the exhibit was excellent and fun. I do wish there had been a bit more information given at certain points, but we chose not to use the audio tour programs, so maybe there is more with those.

Very tired and burnt out on writing this blog. Very tired and burnt out on a lot of different things right now. Definitely ready for the next chapter of my life to start, and yet it feels like I have to walk on eggshells in order to preserve the remnants of my previous life for the time being. My friend and I grabbed some appetizers and drinks after the Science Museum, and we both are feeling the exact same thing: a vague uncertainty about the future and where we are heading and want to do. Both of us have degrees that are heavily involved in writing, yet we’re not certain writing is what we want to do. Both of us have jobs (mine part time, though) that are heavily focused on writing, and while that’s fine, neither of us want to continue to do this for too long.

I’ll be honest: all I want is a job that I’m reasonably satisfied with and pays well enough to support life and especially a family. That’s all. Don’t care beyond that what it is. Hence, I hate all those “what do you want to do with your life? Where do you see yourself in five years? Are those skills you want to focus a career on?” questions. But if we’re honest, pretty much our whole generation feels like this. Both me and my friend have the skillset to pick up secondary jobs, but at this point, without that desired primary job, a secondary job just feels like a noose and career trap, losing freedom in the name of “responsibility.”

I’m grateful for my friends who have been encouraging me that things will turn around and pick up, and also frustrated with those friends who suggest I take so many step backs that I should pick up a job that a college dropout is over qualified for.

Meh. Things will change eventually.

In the meantime, grateful for the opportunities and funds to spend time with friends and experience new things. I’m still putting the gun to the first 25 years of my life and pulling the trigger. It’s time for new things.

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  1. 07/03/2011 11:10 pm


    I read your blog a lot…even the vidoe game postings of which sometimes I don’t know what to say. lol!! Don’t worry I’m a train nerd and I don’t post at times out of fear that I’m going to say something that I should know. lol!!!

    I’m doing cool out here in D.C. I went up to Philadelphia last weekend and had an awesome time. I went and spent a good chunk of time in the Franklin Institute.

    This weekend has been cool. Yesterday I drove up to Brunswick, MD and watched CSX trains for a few hours. Loved it!! Then I kicked back in my apartment and watched a little but of season 3 of Married With Children.

    Today I got up and went into Chinatown part of Washington, D.C. and looked around and took in the culture. I also saw Transformer III and loved it!!! Good film, lots of action.

    Keep up the blogging it is noticed!! 🙂

    • stuartblessman permalink*
      07/03/2011 11:16 pm

      My dad took me and my brothers to a few train and model train museums when we were younger, haven’t done anything like that in a while.

      Yeah, I still need to see Transformers 3, probably doing it on Tuesday…looking forward to hearing the new U2 song that is in it. I guess it’s the first song in the movie and then shows up later on, a song called “North Star”…

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