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The Best and Worse Zelda Game


Gamesradar, a UK based videogame website, has posted an article that tongue-in-cheek argues why each Zelda game is both the best and worse Zelda game ever. It’s a pretty fun read, and definitely gets the nostalgia flowing.

I may have mentioned earlier on this blog that I’m working through The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker right now. Wind Waker was what convinced me to buy a GameCube way back when, actually. Yet the first game I got for the system was Metroid Prime, which I still haven’t beaten; first game I beat for GameCube was probably Star Wars: Jedi Outcast. Amazing game. I mean, look at this video, how could you not be drawn into Wind Waker?

The look of this game just drew me in. I think I finally picked up a copy maybe a year or so after I bought my GameCube. Certainly the summer after. Anyways, I blogged previously about The Legend of Zelda, but now, based on the games I’ve played, I’m gonna try to determine which was the best and which was the worse.

The worse, from my perspective, has to be one of the original NES versions. I never got into each of them, tried multiple times. But I think I didn’t get as far in Adventures of Link, so I’m calling that the worse Zelda game.

Best Zelda game is a tossup between Ocarina of Time and Link’s Awakening. Both I’ve beaten multiple times, both are great in their own ways. Both are huge nostalgia trips. Yet while I enjoyed Link’s Awakening and was pulled into its world so often, I was always pulled in…that world never came out to me. Whereas for Ocarina of Time, the songs and characters have lived on in many different ways. I have multiple versions of the Ocarina of Time songs in my iTunes: orchestra, originals, remixs…heck, even rock covers.

So, despite its flaws, I’m gonna name Ocarina of Time the best game in the Zelda series. Or at least my favorite.

And hopefully tomorrow I’ll have enough mental energy to write a real blog post.

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