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Fantasy Leads to the Occult


Here’s a very interesting video, found originally at Christian Nightmares.

I don’t get it. I don’t get how some Christians can manipulate and out right lie to people. But at the same time, I understand that they have convinced themselves they are utterly right in their views and worldview! But it fails so many different tests of logic and understanding…

“…meet wizarding friends. Wizarding friends. Isn’t that the type of friends you want your children to meet?” Well, since when have your children, or you yourself, met “wizarding” people, especially those that are wizards as EXACTLY described as the ones in Harry Potter? Because that’s what the website is talking about. Wizards as described exactly as they are in Harry Potter. Fictional wizards. Do those exist? To abruptly switch meanings and topics is utterly deceptive to your audience.

“Real in my Bible…means real.” Wow, what a leap of logic. I heard one pastor once rant for a while about how “always” always means “always” in the Bible. And yet…a simple reading of Scripture can show that that is not always the case, especially as the use of the word “always” changes in our modern vernacular and newer Bible translations. Example – I always tend to use “always” in how I talk. Now, was that sentence true? No, because I don’t always use “always”. So am I lying and deceiving, thus sinning? Not. At. All.

“From make believe…to reality!” Um…no.

Christians, and nonbelievers, let me just encourage you once again – THINK FOR YOURSELF. Do not accept or believe anything immediately that you read, see, or hear, no matter where it’s written (including the Bible), where you saw it (including church), and who said it (including your MAN OF GOD).

Fantasy does not lead to the occult. I really, really want this ‘evangelist’ to back up his statement that police will ask often if the person plays fantasy “role play” games. That’s like asking anyone if they have ever played make believe or pretend. If someone says no, you automatically can call them a liar, because all children have imaginations and play pretend! They aren’t really lying, but you can force that title on them.

How does fantasy lead to the occult?? Why aren’t there billions of Satanists and occultists running around today from being exposed to JRR Tolkien or CS Lewis? Oh, so Dungeons and Dragons especially leads to the occult? What a lie! Guaranteed, any place of business has about 20% of its work force that has played D&D, so does that mean that you business is 20% Satanist? Well, I guess that’s a majority and they are slowly taking over, God forbid!

Please. Go home, children, and come back when you start preaching the Bible.

I hope Christian Nightmares and similar websites continue to expose this stuff both to the church and to the unsaved world. The unsaved world needs to see Christians stand up to these liars and put them in their place. It’s not unity people need to see, it’s self-policing.

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