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Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds is Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds is Green Lantern

There is an older, creepy man staring at me from behind his Dell laptop here in Caribou…and an Americano is a poor man’s excuse for a Cold Press. Yuck this drink is disgusting…

Just thought you should know that.

So the Green Lantern movie comes out this weekend. Despite the fact that I’m a pretty big fan of the Green Lantern comics, I’m waiting til next week and a discounted price to see Green Lantern. If you don’t care about spoilers…and I don’t for this movie…check out i09’s review of Green Lantern. Basically, it’s more like the Star Wars prequels than Star Wars itself.

A shame, really. It should still be a fun movie, but it’s just too reliant on CGI, or so my initial impression of all the trailers tells me. Plus I’m not certain Ryan Reynolds makes a good Hal Jordan. He certainly looks the part, but I don’t buy him as Hal; he may be a little too cocky, and he certainly can’t pull off the gravitas of what Hal eventually becomes, either as Parallax or the Spectre. And yet the film has Geoff Johns as a writer and creative mastermind, and he’s been nothing but brilliant in the comics (to a point). Everything Geoff Johns has touched has turned out amazingly well so far, so he gives me more hope for this movie than anything.

I say Geoff Johns is brilliant to a point because I’m still just a tad put off by what he has done with Hal Jordan and specifically Parallax. A short primer – in the comics, Hal Jordan was driven mad by rage, grief, and a desire to resurrect the dead city of Coast City which was destroyed around the time Superman was killed. As a result, he went on basically a murderous rampage, killing tons of Green Lanterns on his way to Oa, before basically consuming the Central Power Battery and becoming essentially the deity known as Parallax, who was so powerful he could rewrite time. Eventually all the heroes ganged up on Parallax/Hal Jordan and killed him. Hal was then brought back as the new host for the Spectre.

Hal Jordan IS Parallax and not possessed by Parallax

Hal Jordan IS Parallax and not possessed by Parallax

Enter Geoff Johns into the comics. He wanted to bring back Hal Jordan “from the dead”, so to speak, and reestablish him as a Green Lantern. During all the time Hal was evil and then the right hand of God (essentially), there was another Green Lantern from Earth, Kyle Rayner, whom I was a big fan of until the demon known as Judd Winick took over writing duties and ruined the character and the comic book. Kyle Raynor became this near-Parallax deity known as Ion, but was still a good guy. Well, when Geoff Johns took over Green Lantern, he revealed that “Parallax” was actually this parasitic entity that had possessed Hal Jordan and driven him evil, so of course it wasn’t really Hal Jordan that killed all the Green Lanterns and nearly destroyed creation. No, not Hal at all, it was Parallax! And so, when Hal was resurrected and defeated Parallax, all the other Green Lanterns were fixed as well, and now Hal Jordan is back to being Earth’s primary Green Lantern.

And that is what is known as a RETCON. Sometimes it’s necessary, sometimes it’s evil.

While I miss Kyle Rayner (who is still around, just different and not THE Green Lantern), and think making Parallax some parasitic evil entity is way too convenient of a way for Hal Jordan to be redeemed and brought back, I can’t fault Geoff Johns for doing it. It was a brilliant story, despite my personal feelings. He’s taken Green Lantern to new heights, especially the manificent Darkest Night storyline when every single dead superhuman came back as a “Black Lantern”, aka zombie. Breaking up the color spectrum into different types of Lanterns is powerful stuff.

Geoff Johns basically rules DC Comics now. And I agree with one commentor on some article I read that said that since 1985’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, Hal Jordan, Green Lantern, has basically been the most important character in the DC Universe. Everything since 1985 has been focused on him, and especially every major crossover and series has been focused on him in one form or another. His insanity, death, redemption, and finally resurrection has been at the core of DC. It took the death of one of his closest friends, Barry Allen (The Flash) in Crisis on Infinite Earths, to start him on this journey; and regarding DC as a whole, The Flash was the main character of the Silver Age of comics. This raises the question of who the next major character in the DC Universe will be now, especially after this crazy reboot of everything they are doing.

RETCON to the max.

So, I’m looking forward to seeing Green Lantern. It is a childhood’s dream realized. And if I just look at it through my younger self’s eyes, I will absolutely fall in love with this movie.

Kyle Rayner is Green Lantern

Kyle Rayner is Green Lantern

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  1. 06/17/2011 11:34 pm

    The mythology is nonsensical and the plot takes forever to get going. But once it does, the movie takes advantage of a strong cast and a director who knows what he’s doing. Good Review! Check out mine when you can!

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