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Day 1 of E3 and WWDC 2011

E3 2011

E3 2011

Well, day one of E3 and Apple’s WWDC 2011 happened today. Let’s talk about WWDC 2011 first…

Apple unveiled OS X Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud today. Surprisingly, there was no last minute “just one more thing…” announcements, unless you count some additional information about iCloud. Overall, I would label this WWDC as, not quite disappointing, but necessary yet not exciting. There was no true wow factor for anything that was announced today. When OS X Lion comes out, I will probably not be upgrading my mid ’07 Macbook Pro, as my hardware is slowly dying from extreme use, and, finances permitting, it’s about time I begin looking in to an upgrade for my primary computer. I’ll still keep my old laptop for uses around the house.

iOS 5 and iCloud are a little more exciting, but while I don’t quite see a use for iCloud in my life yet, I am excited about the new notifications system and other changes that are coming in iOS 5. But as I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, I’m worried just how badly iOS 5 will slow down older iPhones, including the current iPhone, iPhone 4.

Moving on to the big news from E3, I was unable to watch the Microsoft keynote live on Hulu (provided by G4), so I caught up through a couple of different gaming blogs. And other than more footage about Gears of War 3 and the announcement of Halo 4, not much was shown that I’m that interested in. I’ve been able to watch the following keynotes, and EA’s was surprisingly strong. Battlefield 3 looks absolutely gorgeous, and reminds me of that big of a graphics leap that we saw back in the PC gaming heydays. Mass Effect 3 looks to be an amazing finish to the Mass Effect Trilogy, and of course FIFA will be enjoyable when it comes out.

But the highlight of the EA conference had to be watching Clay Matthews come on stage holding the Lombardi Trophy to announce the new Madden game! While nothing was really said about the game itself, I just love those moments when I’m reminded that the Green Bay Packers are the current world champions. So awesome.

Ubisoft’s keynote, while containing most of the games I’m interested in, such as Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, was nonetheless extremely corny and annoying due to the self-described “Mr. Caffeine” they had MCing. Horrible, the whole thing just felt totally awkward.

Now, I have to give Sony credit. They came right out and addressed the recent Playstation Network “outage” situation. I thought it was handled as classy as they could. Game wise, the most enjoyable things I saw was the Sly Cooper teaser, even though I’ve never played any of the Sly games. I’ve also never played the Uncharted games, and while they look amazing, at this pointit really does feel like people are loving it just to love it; nothing stood out to me with Uncharted 3 or the PSV version. Speaking of PSV, the Playstation Viva, this new handheld looks pretty cool. I just hope the games will support it.

Oh yeah, and I’m getting really tired of all military games that are set in historical or contemporary settings. I’m not tired of shooters…just tired of war games.

And Bioshock Infinite looks absolutely amazing.

Ok, all that’s really left for major announcements at E3 is Nintendo’s keynote, where they will unveil their next console. Very excited about tomorrow!

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