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Overplayed Church Worship Songs


My apologies for slacking on the Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology blog series. Truth is…well, I guess there are two main reasons why I haven’t done a blog on it in a while. For one, I’m at a chapter that is so large (and so important) that it was divided into halfs, and I swear each half is 50 plus pages. Those blogs take a good chunk of time for me to write, and this task is just too daunting some days. The second reason is that I’m not feeling the pressure right now to spend a lot of time studying and trying to figure out what I personally believe. That pressure was relieved a few months ago but I imagine it will be picking up again here soon. It’s just become a low priority in my life. And yet, I’ve committed to this blog series, so I will finish it out.

Plus that book is just freaking huge.

Here’s a new blog that is just getting started but worth a look: Stuff Christians Don’t Like. A recent entry had me chuckling…

If I hear once again, “This is the Air I Breathe,” or “Open the Eyes of my Heart,” I think I may “accidentally” set the church on fire. Okay, no, I wouldn’t do that, but I would maybe throw up a little bit.

I like that one of the commentors referenced Revelation Song as another overplayed song. Those three songs are rapidly overtaking “Take My Hands” and “Just As I Am” as most heard songs in churches I’ve been to. I do think that there is a thirst for good worship and church songs here in Minnesota. I’m not knocking all of the songs, even most of them, because I think hymns and even current worship songs, when properly sung, performed, and offered up as a sacrament, are incredibly powerful. But there seems to be a lack of diversity, when even the cutting edge songs being sung in most churches are D-sides from some unreleased Coldplay album.

Consider this song from one of Mars Hill’s bands:

This is radically different from anything I could possibly hear in Minnesota. And sadly, if I did hear a song like this, the lyrics would be destroyed and it would be performed in some emergent church. I mentioned on Twitter that I think we are starving for good music here in Minnesota, and songs like this would go a long way. I wish there was a church I could attend here in Minnesota that would play songs like this, guitar cranked up, willing to rock, to lead the congregation and not just “become” the congregation. More rock show than singalong. I really think there would be a market and church group that would appreciate these types of songs. But we need to find and establish that church here in Minnesota, and especially, find pastors and leaders who are willing to step back and quit micromanaging. Let the heavily bearded and tattooed Jesus freak rock out and lead worship.

At least its a wonderful dream…

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  1. benemorylarson permalink
    05/24/2011 11:45 pm

    Lol! I don’t know that lousy worship music is only a problem in Minnesota. I feel your pain all the way out here in Oregon, man.

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