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The Real Supernatural (Not the TV Show This Time)


Well, this is fun. The self-proclaimed Third Eagle of the Apocalypse of the End Times is calling Harold Camping, of all people, out on his bs.

I appreciate the guys over at Unreasonable Faith. Atheists and agnostics and skeptics they may be, but they are honest enough to recognize and call out bs when they see it. They are remarkably on the point with everything, and most biblical Christians would agree with them on everything, but obviously up to the deist/atheist point.

This reminds me of something that happened today. When I was cleaning up after working out in the gym, an older Christian gentleman (wearing one of those idolatrous Christian t-shirts) started talking to a younger guy in the locker room about this wonderful, life changing CD he had just heard and was freely distributing. A cd about a man who died, went to hell, and was miraculously resurrected, and is now going around telling his story to people. This CD obviously contained a great important life changing truth that this self-identified Christian man desperately needed to share with younger believers. I guess, overhearing these two talking, that listening to this CD and accepting its story as truth was one of the key differences between simply believers of Christ and those who are true disciples of Christ. Anyways, I waited patiently until the older man was done driving the conversation (the young guy didn’t get a chance to say much of anything, so forceful was this older man’s rhetoric) and left before going up to the young man, saying I had heard the CD, and I advised that he hold whatever truth it contained against the more solid truth of the Bible; don’t believe everything you hear. Then I left, praying for this young man’s soul.

I’ve mentioned before on this blog that I have several friends, or rather people I love and care about, who are heavily involved in the “supernatural ministries”, and who went through a phase trying to convince everyone that this same CD was a true story and should be given equal weight and footing as the Bible. This is sadly incredibly common within the charismaniac circles. Whenever someone has some divine word of knowledge or revelation, everyone is to accept it as genuine, real, new wine of revelation until, possibly, and years if not decades later, it turns out to be false. To say that many who are in the charismatic circles are extremely gullible and impressional is not an understatement. There is little discerning, and when there is, it is vehemously attacked as being “quenching the spirit”.

As far as I’m concerned, the Bible states quite clearly that revelation is done with at the closing of the canon. Our High Priest, Jesus Christ, gave one final revelation to the church, and then sealed the book. IF this CD this older man was a true story of true accounts that all Christians should accept as true, then we must accept several things:

1 – God is doing something new, so we must accept God allowing men to die, experience some revelation of heaven or hell, and then resurrect.

2 – God is not done giving revelation. If this new revelation is true, so are all previous revelations about heaven and hell and the supernatural realm. Thus, I reject this particular CD’s version of hell because it contradicts Dante’s revelation of hell, because that one is obviously true.

3 – The supernatural is no longer supernatural, and the natural can enter into it and leave. While a great idea for fiction, this undermines the very definition of SUPERnatural. Unless you are divine, you cannot enter into the supernatural realm. There is no place in the human body that you can cut up and identify the Holy Spirit, yet we know he dwells within us at the moment of salvation. On this point it’s a mystery, but man cannot naturally enter into the supernatural realm unless aided by supernatural assistance. And yet we have maybe 5-10 instances of this happening within the last 10,000 years of human history, so do the math on your chances. Sorry, but you are not that unique.

Bottom line, if you want to accept this story as being true, then I’ll accept it as well…if you throw out and deny Scripture as an objective source of truth. Because when the subjective becomes binding truth on all Christians, what then have we left?

By what angel of light has this man who allegedly died and experienced hell been listening to? Be careful that the light you think inside of you is not in fact darkness. The Bible is also quite clear that all other gods and most angelic encounters are in fact demons. Here’s a handy test if you think you see an angel: if you are not immediately driven to your knees in horror and in fright, you are seeing a demon. All angels in the Bible had to reassure the people they appeared to. “BE NOT AFRAID” is common. And yet with this angelic visitation stories, people immediately see a being of pure light and goodness. That is not Biblically consistent with angels, yet it is with demons.

I feel bad for this young man. I hope I run in to him again at the gym, God willing, and can witness and evangelize truth to him. He’s being drawn by demonic lies into bondage, slavery, and deceit. I’ve seen it happen to many of my friends, and it grieves me deeply. So many are being deceived…and yet we were warned in Scripture it was so! Jesus said quite clearly that many on the last day will come to him and say “Lord, Lord, did we not PROPHESY and CAST OUT DEMONS in your name?”, and Jesus will respond “Depart from me…I know you not.”

Lord, forgive us all for our blindness…

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