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Was the Thor Movie Racist?


Thor was not a racist movie

Thor was not a racist movie

Some are saying that the Thor movie was racist. Bleeding Cool has a ridiculous number of quotes talking about it.

Here’s some:

Apparently, Loki is a self-hating frost giant, no doubt with some screenwriter congratulating himself for making the comparison to the Hitler-was-actually-a-Jew-and-that’s-why-he-wanted genocide motif.

Branagh is a metrosexual pussyboy, one of those faggoty-maggoty white boys who get their kicks by matching Negroes with white women in movies. He played Iago in OTHELLO where Laurence Fishburn got in on with some stupid French chick. And he cast Denzel Washington in MUCH NEGRO ABOUT NOTHING. Of course, Othello is supposed to be African, and for all I know, MUCH ADO has a Moor character too. But, Moors, as I recall, were North African Muslims with some Negro blood, not full-blooded jiveass sub-Saharan blacks. Casting blacks of Sub-Saharan decent to play Moors is like casting Polynesians as Chinese or Hindus as Europeans.

The “color-blind casting” (i.e. deliberately put in non-Whites in White roles) that Branagh uses here and in his Shakespeare adaptations actually reinforces the institutional racism true leftists decry and movement conservatives defend

I don’t get it. I don’t get all this racist talk being flung at Thor. But maybe I never will get it. I’m a Christian middle-class white heterosexual American male. No one discriminates against me!

I liked the gatekeeper being a black man. As a stereotype, black men are tall, strong, imposing. Heroic. Don’t take no crap from anyone. I didn’t see it as slavery while the white man was off having fun in Asgard. I saw a black man who was stronger than anyone else in Asgard, and could kick all their pansy white butts if he so chose to. You’ve got to be wanting to see it to see it.

All this racist talk is stupid. Thor is a great movie. Go shut up and enjoy it.

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