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Star Wars Blu-Ray Details!


May the Fourth be with you! (gag) Yeah, today is or was Star Wars day, although all the fake nerds coming out to talk about “May the Fourth” are slowly driving me nuts. It’s socially unacceptable to talk about Star Wars except for today, it seems…

Anyways, props to George Lucas and his minions at Lucasfilm for releasing details about the Star Wars blu-rays today, on this oh so holy nerdish of a day.

Here’s TheForce.Net’s look at the special features and blu-rays.

What do I think? While Lucasfilm hasn’t released any information about the actual films themselves (which matters, because of how many different versions of each film there are, and how badly they butchered the DVD transfers of the originals), I’m really looking forward to some of the special features. Would be awesome to see all those deleted scenes and production features that they will hopefully allow to be released. The documentaries will be interesting as well, but it looks like they are missing the original, From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga, behind the scenes feature. (That one had that funny “hello in TV land” line from Salacious Crumb that I still use from time to time without giving anyone the reference.)

Check out these pretty sweet box cover art designs that Lucasfilm has come up with! Say what you will about the special editions, the art for Star Wars has always been top notch. Sure, nothing beats the original theatrical/VHS box cover art, but these are still pretty cool.

Please let these blu-rays not suck.

Star Wars blu-rays prequel trilogy

Star Wars blu-rays prequel trilogy

Star Wars blu-rays original trilogy

Star Wars blu-rays original trilogy

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