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Nazi Zombies with The Syndicate Project


So I was having trouble falling asleep again last night, and I decided to cruise around YouTube with my brand new iPhone 4 (such a fine lady, even if she feels like she’ll cut you if you rub her the wrong way), and I found these awesome Nazi Zombies videos on the Gaming channel.

I really wish YouTube or Apple would come up with a better way of managing YouTube videos on the iPhone. It’s nice to have categories and the standard “data added”, “most commented”, “most viewed”, “this week”, “today”, etc, options, but we really need more fine control. The ability to filter out all the videos related to games I’m not interested in watching would be very helpful, or at least throw in a Random button. Plus, pages, so when I watch a video and then go back to the main page, I don’t have to scroll through dozens of videos just to find where I left out. Seems like a huge usability flaw.

Anyways, I love Nazi Zombies, but I’m terribly at it. I can only get to level 6 or so playing solo, and my multiplayer can go from level 3 to level 7 or so, depending on whom I’m playing with it. But this Syndicate Project guy is amazingly good. I’m already picking up some tips and tricks from him in order to increase my kill count and levels.


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  1. 07/18/2011 3:50 pm

    this was great i am a big fan plz don’t stop wat ur doin. p.s.
    u rock

    keep on keeping on

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