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RIP Stargate Franchise




I started watching Stargate in the summer of 2006. For whatever reason, I decided to pick up the first season on dvd after hearing good things about the show and after they announced new “slim” box sets of the show, instead of the larger dvd box sets tv shows used to come in. But first I had to pick up the initial movie…and I loved it. Then I picked up the first season of Stargate SG-1, and then each subsequent season as it came out on dvd.

I don’t watch much live television, much like most of my generation. We simply watch tv shows at a different time. This of course has helped lead to the demise of quality television, as most people still tune in to such ilk as American Idol and So You Wish You Could Dance. But from Stargate SG-1 season six or so on, I was a faithful purchaser of each new box set as it came out. I followed along with SG-1, bought every season of Stargate Atlantis as it came out, and then faithfully watched Stargate Universe on Hulu plus buying each box set as they came out.

Yet still, today marks the end of the Stargate franchise as we know it. MGM has basically run out of money. SyFy has largely turned their back on quality science fiction. SG-1 ended at a good place, and with two direct-to-dvd movies. Atlantis ended on a different note altogether, but worked as an ending, yet it is still sad we won’t get an Atlantis movie. And Universe…I hear Universe ends on a cliffhanger with no hope of resolution. This hurts.

Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis

Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis

Goodbye, Stargate franchise. You were that weird show I heard about as a kid with guys who had giant snakes on their heads. But then you became one of the coolest franchises around…and a deep bonding element between me and my deeply missed good friend Jelani Brinson. I have friendships nowadays solely because of Stargate. I will no longer have the opportunity to sit up late at night and watch new episodes with close friends. And I will never know how Destiny brings its crew back home.

I feel robbed.

And MGM and SyFy? Here’s looking at you.

Screw you MGM and SyFy. You killed the best thing you had going for you.

Screw you MGM and SyFy. You killed the best thing you had going for you.


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