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Supernatural tv show

Supernatural tv show

I’ve been receiving discs from the WB/CW show “Supernatural” in the mail by Netflix. My brother and I share a Netflix account, so for every few discs he gets sent in the mail, I get one eventually. I added Supernatural to the queue a while back, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying each disc as it comes in the mail.

When Supernatural first came on tv, I wasn’t that interested in it. In my mind, a show like Supernatural could not be done very well. A different horror type of episode each week? On a tv budget? I was so foolish, as Supernatural consistently has higher production values and quality that most other shows on television, as well as many big budget movies. At first, there was no hook to get me interested in Supernatural. I knew one of the main actors, Jensen Ackles, from a single season on Smallville, and at the time his character looked like it the exact same character on both shows. But beyond that, there was nothing interesting to me about Supernatural, and so I didn’t pay much attention to it.

And yet in the years since it started, I’ve seen a clip or two that impressed me, and began to hear wonderful things about the show. But I think it was the guest stars that got me interested ultimately in giving Supernatural a chance. Jacob from Lost playing Lucifer? Heck. Yes. That guy who dies at the beginning of Watchmen plays the dad in the show? Double. Heck. Yes. And an overarching storyline about the horsemen of the apocalypse? Triple. Heck. Yes. And with that, I was willing to give it a chance.

And wow am I ever so glad I did! This show is awesome! Most people probably don’t know this, but I have a passing interesting in “the occult” and supernatural activity. I say passing because I know that most of what Hollywood considers the occult and the supernatural is pure crap. Using the Bible as my source of truth, I know that a demon is something with leathery wings, horns, a pitchfork, whatever. A demon is an angel, looking no different than a creature of light. Yes, I’m utterly convinced the supernatural world exists, that communication with the dead is possible, that demons can possess people, be cast out, all of that stuff; it tends to be rarer in our postmodern world, but it’s still alive and well elsewhere. True supernatural and demonic realm stuff is real and scary. Terrifying, even.

Deans demon in Supernatural

Deans demon in Supernatural

Which is why a show like Supernatural is so utterly fake and fascinating to me on a purely fictional level. It’s no different to me than stories about vampires, werewolves, zombies, or whatever, all of which were created as literary devices, metaphors, which became extremely popular. Supernatural’s base story is that a group of monster hunters, Sam and Dean Winchester, are hunting down a very powerful demon that killed their mother and father, but along the way solve and defeat many other demons, monsters, urban legends, boogeymen, and whatever else. It’s pure fiction.

The idea that humanity can combat the demonic through means other than the name of Jesus is frankly absurd, but makes for great storytelling. It’s the same reason why I loved the movies Van Helsing and Constantine. Christianity, frankly, is a boring religion. Sure we got such things as church history, and a lifetime of following Christ is hardly boring at all, but Christianity itself is fairly straightforward. The idea that Christian or Catholic chants can affect the spirit realm, that holy water is real, that there exists all these extra mystical elements is incredibly appealing to me in a way that fantasy and science fiction is appealing. What if magic was real? What if there were such a thing as necromancers? What if there were such a thing as elder gods that Templars and others fought against and defeated?

What if there really was a dragon St. George fought?

Supernatural is pure fiction, I realize that. But I’m drawn to it in the same way I’m drawn to Star Wars or Harry Potter. It’s fantastic. It’s a fun make believe way of reimaging the world. It’s like wondering how much of a gap there is between Gen. 1:1 and 1:2, or exactly just how Lucifer waged war in heaven, or what the giants and “sons of man” thing was all about. Fun stuff to think about, but doesn’t really affect our day to day lives.

Currently I’m on season two of Supernatural, and just finished disc two. Instead of waiting for the next disc in a week or two from Netflix, I’d prefer to just go ahead and buy all the seasons of Supernatural, but for some reason they still cost up to $40-50 (unless used, which I can’t seem to find), and since it’s an old WB show, there ain’t that many special features on the discs, thus depreciating their value slightly.

John Winchester

John Winchester

One of the episodes of Supernatural I just watched was called “Crossroad Blues” after the Robert Johnson song, and Robert Johnson appeared in the episode as well (obviously played by an actor). A bunch of people were doing some serious hoodoo and calling up a demon to grant them a desire in exchance for 10 years of their life…which was a catch they didn’t know about. This hoodoo involved planting some elements (blood, a photo of the person, hair from a black cat, all normal “occult” stuff) in the middle of a 5 road crossroads surrounded by a certain type of flower used in “ancient rituals”; obviously that provided the name of the episode and reference to Robert Johnson, whom some claim sold his soul to the devil in order to be the best blues guitarist ever.

The people who sold their souls began to hear hell hounds hunting them down. The Winchesters come in to town, find out about the demonic exchanges, and while protecting the surviving people who sold their soul to the devil (through a sexy kiss, no less!), Dean manages to trick and trap the demon into releasing these people from their contract…but not before the demon tries to seduce Dean into resurrecting his dead father. Quite tricky demon.

Great episode. Great show. I understand how some people may have trouble watching it, but in my eyes it’s pure fantasy, fiction, and fascinating, a way of reminding us of the existence of a true supernatural realm, and that death will eventually come for all of us.

I wholeheartedly recommend Supernatural to those who are mature in their faith and discerning.

Here’s that Robert Johnson song, “Crossroad”

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