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TwentyTwo Words has a picture up of the best Bible verses for displaying in a special part of the house…followed by a humorous cartoon about just who the richest and wealthiest are amongst us.

Some details about Nintendo’s next console have been surfacing online. Here’s Bits N Bytes Gaming with Whats Nintendo Got Hiding Up Their Sleeve? Plus their more general article about rumors about the next Nintendo console.

Ain’t It Cool News has the most recent trailer for Cowboys & Aliens. I’ve already mentioned before that I’ve become a huge fan of Olivia Wilde after seeing her on House and Tron: Legacy, and the inclusion of Harrison “Han Solo/Indiana Jones” Ford and Daniel “Best Bond Ever” Craig seals the deal. This movie looks amazing, beautiful, sexy, and awesome. It’s pretty much the only movie I’m looking forward to now next to the final installment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

G4 has a really creepy video up from Japan about an egg containing an egg inside it. This video actually made me kinda sick, but was still interesting…not something you see every day, although I did have an egg with two yolks in it recently.

And finally…I think this is an awesome photo:

The Edge in Sao Paulo

The Edge in Sao Paulo

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