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Broke My Headphones…

Sennheiser Headphones

Sennheiser Headphones

This past Tuesday, I arrived at work, reached into my bag to pull out my headphones, and after plugging them in, discovered that the left channel was cutting in and out. So, of course, I started to piddle with the cord, trying to fix it…and pretty much made it worse. So now I have another pair of headphones that only work in one channel.

The pair I was using were the Sennheiser HD 203 Pro Music/DJ Headphones. They were actually my second pair, because the first pair also busted and went mono when I was using them in sub-zero temperature too much. Prior to this model I exclusively used street style cheap headphones…I went through several pairs of Sony Streetstyle Headphones, absolutely loved them, but Sony redesigned the model so I switched to a similar pair of Samsung headphones (which utterly sucked), before deciding to upgrade to something different.

And at $35-40 a pair, those Sennheiser headphones were some of the best headphones I’ve ever had. They even came with a headphone jack you can plug into a mixing board. At times the 3 meter long cord was ridiculously long, but I also kept it wound up tightly. I have the money, and I’m considering replacing them. I’ve already convinced one friend to switch to the Sennheiser brand, and I’ll continue to recommend them to anyone who needs a great pair of headphones.

But! They are huge and bulky, and as I’m no longer in school, and have to be a little bit more conscientious of my hair and surroundings, I’m considering trying out a new pair of headphones. Mashable has recommended these in-ear headphones, and while historically I have not been a big fan of in-ear headphones (they hurt, suck, and you have to mash them in to hear decently), I think I’m getting to the point where I’m willing to give them a try.

Altec Lansings’ Muzx Ultra MZX606 earphones

The reviews are positive but can also mixed at times. They are too pricey at $100, but I’ve seen them online for around $70. The sound quality is supposed to be good, and I’d really put the iPhone controls to good use, but again, they are in-ear, and so I’m hesitant to invest in them. One of the guys at work recommends buying a “cheap” $30 pair of SkullCandy in-ear headphones, but I may just want to upgrade completely.

Any suggestions?

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