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Two Things I Dig


I really wish I could find a church somewhere here in Minnesota that was willing to have music like this during worship, yet isn’t emergent, charismaniac, and cares about being missional, following historical reformed doctrine, and solid preaching that appeals to women AND men. I guess I’m just attracted to the Seattle culture more than any other.

Still looking.

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  1. JSaintM permalink
    03/12/2011 10:51 am

    Though I greatly appreciate Lecrae and his music, I don’t understand how his performance can fall into the category of a special sabatical worship serivce? Any other time of the week would be appropriate, but Sunday morning should not the setting for such acts (too individualistic).

    Although I was at Bethlehem Baptist Church one week and Lecrae was in town. He performed a song during the offering/collection, which seemed alright but didn’t really fit their atmosphere.

    I guess I have mixed feeling about it. My main concern is churches who put little or no thought into why they worship they way they do. Why on Sunday? Why 4 worship songs first and then a sermon? What about the Lord’s Supper? When should people stand? sit? kneel? and why? Who leads the prayers and why? Are the prayer prepared ahead of time? What should our pastor wear and why? The list of details can go on and on. Every church follows a liturgy (routine), but not many give much thought to why they do these things each week or (God forbid) use the Bible to direct us how we are to worship. Wehave been given liberty in our structure for worship, but too often we use that liberty to disregard sturcture entirely. The minimalist approach is taken instead of seeing a grandious opportunity to worship at the fullest capacity in body, mind, and spirit.

    I could go on and on, but I won’t 🙂

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