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“Christians, at various times throughout history, have:”


This is a repeat from my Facebook blog. Think I got fed up with someone’s simplistic accusations against Christianity and just wrote a response. Yes, I harp on Christianity constantly, but from a place of love, because I truly want things to improve.

Christians, at various times throughout history, have:

promoted slavery, mistreated women, hated homosexuals, murdered homosexuals, murdered witches, bombed clinics, rejected science, rejected human intelligence, waged massive Crusades, engaged in a bloody Inquisition, hated Jews, called for Jews to rounded up and slaughtered, dealt drugs, beaten children, raped girls, raped boys, raped women, raped men, engaged in the sex trade, slaughtered whole nations, stolen from the poor, murdered blacks, murdered whites, murdered native americans, initiated prohibition, installed feminism, and who knows how many other countless horrors.

Christianity has done all of these things. It’s wrong to pretend they don’t exist. It’s wrong to pretend that “they weren’t really Christians”, when often many of them were more orthodox and “Spirit-filled” than we are.

But for each of those things, Christianity has also done the polar opposite. Christianity is directly responsible for ending slavery, installing suffrage, fighting racism, fighting poverty, founding America’s universities, erecting women’s rights, and countless other beneficial agendas and foundations.

Sure, Christians are responsible for a lot of hurt. Is that a reason to hate Christianity? Not at all.

Because I hear a lot of talk about how wicked and evil Christians are, yet I never hear that same talk about Christ.

Talk about Christ. Because I guarantee that if you look at Him, you won’t see any of those evils listed. And, I would argue that that is one of the key apologetics about Christ and Christianity, because it demonstrates on a grand historical scale the truth Christ taught, namely that all people are sinners, religion is evil and creates more sinners, and the only hope any one has is through grace by faith in Jesus Christ.

Sorry if this is not “positive”, “encouraging”, or “uplifting” to many of you Christians. This is reality, something that should be taught from the pulpits you lean towards.

Yes, Christianity has done much evil in this world. But that’s also an incredibly strong proof for the truth of Christ.

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