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Music Monday – 30 Days of Music


Pretty much the only Tumblr account I follow is Beat Farm Radio, a blog about music. In the past month or so they did a series called the 30 Days of Music, with each contributor choosing one song for each Day’s topic. They also tried to follow the guideline that no artist or song could be repeated. I realize this is very Myspacey or Facebookey in the vein of some of those notes we all filled out (“iTunes shuffle 5x, that song is the last one you will hear until you die!”), but it still seemed a pretty cool thing to do.

Note that I’ve truncated 30 Days of Music into 1 Day of Music with Many Topics. Makes it easier.

Day 1: Your Favorite Song

I’m breaking a rule, but I have to be honest here, as my favorite song is probably U2’s Until the End of the World. It is everything I like about U2: rocking guitars, Christian lyrics, a refreshing honesty devoid of sentimentality, stadium level performances, and enough theatrics and playfulness to keep it fresh every tour. I went nuts when they played this for the first time on the 2005 Vertigo tour at my show in Chicago, and I swear Bono could hear me shouting my thanks. This song is U2 for me. This song is rock music to me.

And I have to share it.

Day 2: Your Least Favorite Song

Wonderwall by Oasis. Just…I don’t know. Overplayed. Kinda too sweet for my tastes. I may still listen to it on occasion, but it’s one of my least favorite songs by a pretty decent band.

Day 3: A Song That Makes You Happy

Wake Up by Arcade Fire. This song, especially in combination with U2’s City of Blinding Lights, can have me weeping for joy…

Day 4: A Song That Makes You Sad

Define “sad”. There are so many kinds of sad. Librarian by My Morning Jacket makes me think of a lost and horribly mishandled friendship I once had. Left Out by Oxygenstar makes me realize just how much of my life is not of my own choosing or desire (which is an impressive feat for a purely instrumental song that is catchy).

Day 5: A Song That Reminds You of Someone

Battle Cry by Army of the Pharoahs. Miss you, J…

Day 6: A Song that Reminds You of a Place

Whenever I hear John William’s The Dune Sea from the original Star Wars film, I’m reminded of Tatooine, of course, but also listening to that song standing and staring out over the Atlantic Ocean in Cape Cod. For some reason it just fit, with the wind and the waves and chill air.

Day 7: A Song That Reminds You of a Certain Event

Superman by Gold Finger. Don’t know if “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater” is an event, but this song takes me back to that game, playing it with friends, and just everything about my life at that time in the late 90s.

Day 8: A Song You Know All the Words To

Help! by The Beatles. I grew up on the Beatles because my mom was a big Beatles fan, although she did go through an ill-advised phase where she got rid of all the Beatles in her life, but like all good things, they came back. As for which version of Help!, I especially like the newer version on the Love album.

Day 9: A Song You Can Dance To

Bulletproof by La Roux. This song could easily be in other categories as well, but I freaking love this song and just want to dance!!

Day 10: A Song You Can Fall Asleep To

I have a hard time falling asleep to song with lyrics or rock stylings, so I typically turn to move soundtracks when I want to fall asleep, so I’ll pick Concerning Hobbits by Howard Shore from The Fellowship of the Ring.

Day 11: A Song From Your Favorite Band

Pretty much for all 30 of these categories I could choose a U2 song, but limiting myself to just one use of an artist is tough, as now I’m forced to choose between a U2 song for favorite band or a U2 song for favorite album or a U2 song for favorite song. Maybe for those 3 categories I should break my rule…anyways, for this category, let’s choose Mercy by U2, the original unreleased version, although the new tour version is ok, just different. Mercy is one of the best Christian songs I’ve ever heard, with music and lyrics that work together to uplift you and bring you straight into praise to God.

Day 12: A Song from a Band You Hate

Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon. Saw them in 2005 opening for U2, and they were awful and so self-righteous it was disgusting.

Day 13: A Song that Is a Guilty Pleasure

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. Can’t help it. It’s pure theatre and just fun to sing along to.

Day 14: A Song No One Would Expect You To Love

Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are. What can I say, I’m a romantic…catchy tune, great lyrics, a breathe of fresh air in Top 40 radio…

Day 15: A Song That Describes You

Garbage – I’m Only Happy When It Rains, which is sorta true, as I’m happy most of the time, but I’m REALLY happy when it rains…

Day 16: A Song You Used To Love But Now Hate

Dani California by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Used to be a great summer song. Then it just got overplayed and I began to resent it.

Day 17: A Song You Often Hear on the Radio

Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne. Not a bad song at all, but overplayed.

Day 18: A Song You WISH You Heard on the Radio

Image of the Invisible by Thrice. I’ve blogged before about my love for Thrice, and this song is one of those great ones that everyone loves and sings along to at concerts, but represents a type of rock music that doesn’t get much radio airplay.

Day 19: A Song From Your Favorite Album

ONE of my favorite albums is Queens of the Stone Age’s Songs for the Deaf, which contained some great radio songs such as No One Knows (arguably their most well known song) and Go With the Flow, but for the sake of this topic I’ll choose Another Love Song from that album. Great, catchy guitar that drives the emotion behind the song.

Day 20: A Song You Listen to When You’re Angry

This is tough, because there is no set group of songs I always turn to when I’m angry, and the ones that I do listen to when I’m angry, I also listen to when I’m happy or whatever. Howabout Degausser by Brand New, that’ll work for this one. I tend to listen to cathartic music when I’m angry.

Day 21: A Song You Listen to When You’re Happy

Hysteria by Muse. I’ve been so careful to avoid overusing artists in this blog, and this song fits many categories, but when I’m in a great mood I play this song and rock out.

Day 22: A Song You Listen to When You’re Sad

Your Blue Room by The Passengers. Technically this is cheating since Passengers is just U2 with one or two extra members, but when I’m feeling depressed, this is one of my go-to songs.

Day 23: A Song You Want Played at Your Wedding

Love Hurts by Incubus. Don’t know why, probably would never even request it, but for some reason, I’d like it in the rotation at some point.

Day 24: A Song You Want Played at Your Funeral

Nothing Left to Say But Goodbye by Audioslave. Title is kinda fitting, I guess.

Day 25: A Song That Makes You Laugh

The Worse Day Since Yesterday by Flogging Molly. Flogging Molly is actually in town tonight, but tickets are up to $60, and I’ve got plans already, which is a shame since I would absolutely enjoy myself at this show. Disappointed, but oh well. Anyways, this song makes me chuckle.

Day 26: A Song You Can Play On an Instrument

I could maybe scratch out “Popcorn” on piano…and the bass line to U2’s Dirty Day, and that’s about it.

Day 27: A Song You Wish You Could Play

Again, too many to count…U2’s The Fly and Bullet the Blue Sky come to mind, as well as most of Muse’s and Audioslave’s catalog, but for this category I’m going to go with the song that make me a fan of rock music, Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry. It would just be an immense feeling of personal satisfaction to be able to play this song.

Day 28: A Song That Makes You Feel Guilty

Hot Dog by Limp Bizkit, but it’s also a fun kind of guilty. FYI, if you Google this song, it’s known for the fact that they say “fuck” about 49 times in this “fucked up song”. It’s fun, but obviously with my Christian background, pure guilt. Eh, I can live with the tension. Also a big fan of Marilyn Manson’s MobScene for this category…

Day 29: A Song From Your Childhood

It’s All About the Pentiums by Weird Al Yankovic. Went through a huge Weird Al phase growing up, but dropped off in high school…

Day 30: Your Favorite Song At this Time Last Year

Short Skirt, Long Jacket by Cake. I had just gotten into Chuck in a big way, so I hunted down the show’s title song, and found an even better song waiting. I was also reevaluating a lot of things in my life at the time, and especially my interest in women, and at the time there was one woman I knew who this song described fairly well. Cool woman, I think her and I get along extremely well, but I somehow doubt there is much of a future there. Sometimes, the one who is best suited for you is the one you won’t ever be with. Still, I miss her.

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