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Music Monday – Soon by U2


“Soon” by U2 is the song that played on the PA right before U2 took the stage during the 2009 legs of the U2:360 tour.

formerly Kingdom of Your Love

Soon by U2 cover art

“Soon” was typically followed by “Breathe”, a thunderous drums and bass intro with clanging guitars that launched into one of U2’s strongest rock songs…which sadly the audience didn’t care about because they had never heard the song before. In 2010 U2 replaced the “Soon/Breathe” combo with “Return of the Stingray Guitar”, a very guitar driven instrumental, followed by “Beautiful Day”, one of their most popular (and more well known) songs; a great song, sure, but not one that I’d want to start a concert with. It just doesn’t have that punch I expect from a stadium gig; it’s more of a smaller venue opening song, not even arena size.

“Soon” was unreleased for most of 2009 and 2010, until a limited edition vinyl of the track was released via U2’s website. Various fan recordings from gigs circulated the Internet, with many believing the name of the song was “Kingdom of Your Love”; eventually U2 corrected everyone (or decided on a title themselves). Originally this song was supposed to be part of U2’s next album tentatively titled “Songs of Ascent”, but it’s possible that project has been scrapped in favor of new ideas.

“Soon” is the song I hope I’ll be singing along to when U2 finally comes to play TCF Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Alas, if 2010 is any indication, the band has dropped the song and is threatening to change the whole setlist as a surprise to the US fans, who suffered the most in 2010 when Bono hurt his back and required emergency surgery, thus cancelling and postponing all tour dates in America. To those who got to see the U2:360 Tour in the summer of 2009 in America, then a change of setlist is welcome. And it’s not like we don’t have the Rose Bowl dvd or countless other bootlegs and YouTube videos to enjoy the original 360 Tour setlist. Whatever U2 plays, I will be happy and loving it and singing my heart out to.

But, still, I really would like to hear “Soon” and see the band perform “Breathe”… perhaps we can convince U2 to play a combination of “Moment of Surrender/40/Breathe” as the closer for the U2:360 Tour Minneapolis show…that’d be awesome…

The lyrics are posted below. This song makes me happy and joyful, bringing out a triumphant feeling…it’s this short, sweet moment of bliss that you wish you could just stay in forever.

Lyrics via @U2-


Soon, soon
Soon, soon
Soon, soon

Sing yourself on down the street
Sing yourself right off your feet
Sing yourself away from victory
And from defeat

Sing yourself with fife and drum
Sing yourself to overcome
The thought that someone has lost
And someone else has won

Soon, soon
Soon, soon
Soon, soon

And what the heck, here’s “Breathe” from the Rose Bowl dvd…best performance was at Sheffield, England, but while there is great audio of that gig, the videos are lacking…

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