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We are now 16 days and 16 (err…17) blogs in to 2011. My decision to blog every day occurred a few months ago, but WordPress initiated a challenge to all its users to either blog every day or blog once a week, so it’s going to be interesting to see how well I do as well as how many others blog every day as well. I should probably start creeping around WordPress to see who else is writing, maybe there could be some interesting cross talk.

Right, some blog statistics.

My busiest day was January 10, all due to my writing about Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone, which is the standard search phrase that readers find my site. The next most important post is my little criticism of IHOP, followed by my quick look at the differences between Arminianism and Calvinism. In fact, the Arminianism and Calvinism post brought me my personal favorite search term: “how do I leave my Arminian church?” Well…isn’t it your choice? Or are you preordained to stay there? Truth be told, I wish I could talk to that searcher and offer them some advice. I know how difficult it is to walk away from a church due to issues of doctrine, and it’s difficult to do so. To borrow a phrase from others, “it gets better”. That searcher will probably realize eventually how much is relative in Christianity, with everyone claiming to know the truth, everyone claiming to have the Spirit, everyone claiming seniority of belief and opinion. And eventually…you just have to choose by using your God-given reason, intellect, and the Holy Spirit. Choose what is right. Choose what is wrong. And live with it. And remember you are free to change your mind.

Went out with a friend earlier this week, slipped on the ice, and may have pulled or sprained my Achille’s tendon in my left foot. Last few days have been hobbling ones…

Still enjoying my Harry Potter marathon and am currently a few hundred pages in to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, a book which is radically different from the film. On the non-fiction side, I’m reading Mere Christianity by CS Lewis and enjoying in immensely, even though at times I don’t buy his rhetoric. There is still much good to be gleamed from it.

Video games…Darksiders mostly, with the occasional bit of Black Ops or Halo: Reach multiplayer. Also been watching a lot of Anthony Bordain’s No Reservations and Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern…mainly because I’ve grown bored with season 7 of 24, yet I know I need to finish it.

This is going to be an interesting week. Let’s see how it goes…


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