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Fundies Like U2

Bono playing the fool

Bono at the start of ZooTV

I need a clever title to come up with for blog posts that offer a variety of links and things to discuss. “Stu’s Musings”. “Stu’s Tidbits”. “Stu’s Blessings”.

Or I can keep the U2 reference going and call it something like “Buried Treasure”, “Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad”, “Stolen Inspiration”, or “A Secret Told”. Not certain, I’ll come up with something clever. “Scatter of Light” has already been taken…which is a great site for U2 news and the female perspective. (PS – She worships Bono…we may need to commit her…lol)

One website that I absolutely love and yet loath at the same time is Stuff Fundies Like. It’s a refuge for those of us who grew up in fundamentalism to discuss and deal with the many irrationalities of Fundamentalism. I love it because it is always spot on and describes my childhood and church experience perfectly; but at times, it’s painful to read, as it brings up many negative emotions and bad feelings. However, it has helped me deal with many things, my “bitterness” as a few have called it. It’s a great site overall that I can’t help but recommend.

This post is particular great: Proof Texting for Fun and Profit.

So what exactly is “Stu Station”? Well, it’s a play on a song by U2 called “Zoo Station”. In high school I was given the name “STU2” because I was a U2 fan, and the name stuck. Stu Station arrived shortly thereafter. The song is also significant because it was the first song performed on the first U2 concert I ever saw, the VHS copy of ZooTV: Live in Sydney, the U2 tour from 1992-1993. This was the concert that cemented me as a U2 fan, although I had enjoyed listening to a handful of their albums beforehand. From the moment this tape started, and the video wall went just nuts, I was enthralled; I was completely captured later in the film during “Bullet the Blue Sky” when the music drops out abruptly and Bono leads the entire stadium in Sydney to begin clapping their hands in time with the drums. It was just so powerful, it spoke to me in a way I had never been exposed to before. Since then, I’ve been a fan of rock music, and in particular, U2, the best rock band of all time.

Here’s a version of that performance of Zoo Station in 1993:

And one from Chicago in 2005, at a show I was at:

The band simply rocks.

Ok, so that’s a few items today. Next week I promise will not have any deep theological or controversial stuff. There will also be another Harry Potter post.

…and I think it’s really funny that WordPress wanted to label this post “40”.

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