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2011 – A New Year


Hello! Welcome to Stu Station. Previously this blog was hosted on Blogspot, but due to time and school commitments, it was left dormant for long periods of time. All that is about to change.

My goal with this blog is to work on my writing and hone my thoughts and creative skills on to the page. To that end, my goal is to blog every day for 2011. I don’t know how realistic this may be, and some blog posts may be shorter than others, but it’s my goal. The only thing preventing me from accomplishing this goal is my own fear and laziness.

This is a discipline task more than anything. I want to write every day for an entire year. Topics will very…one day you may be reading about music, then film, then theology, then be given a list of links that I found interesting. Who knows…discovering all this will be fascinating for both of us.

I hope you enjoy the new Stu Station on WordPress. I’m working on tweaking the look while uploading content. I’m confident that ultimately this will be a website I’m proud of.

To 2011!

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  1. JohnStM permalink
    01/02/2011 11:03 pm

    I think you’ve inspired me to start up a blog as well. My last attempt failed miserably. I’ll let you know if it ever happens lol

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